Allen West: How Trump Can Fine Tune His Strategic Vision When it Comes to National Security

Dissecting Trump’s anti-terror plan. LTCOL Allen West went “On the Record” with Greta to discuss Donald Trump’s call for an end to ‘nation-building’ and focus all resources on halting the spread of radical Islam in speech outlining his foreign policy. They also took a look at how Trump’s plan has evolved since he started his run for the presidency.

Here is what Allen West had to say would be Trump’s best advice to handle ISIS and terror. Sit down with Major General Bob Scales and really understand strategic level decision making.

West also made several points for Trump to lay out how we could destroy ISIS and fine tune his national security.

Speak with the Geographic areas of responsibility. European Command, Pacific Command, Central Command, African Command Southern command.

Then the four elements of national power. It’s called the DIME theory.

Diplomatic Informational Military and Economic to define the enemy in those geographical regions.

Watch the full discussion below.

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