Allen West “How was ISIS able to move freely in the open desert towards Marines in al-Baghdadi?”

by Allen West

Let me help certain folks understand something. No, ISIS cannot overrun that base, but they can certainly use the assault as propaganda. America must go on offense. We cannot afford to withdraw those Marines. That’s precisely what ISIS wants more than anything, to say they forced American Marines to run away — just as the Yemeni rebels can boast of forcing American Marines to flee without their weapons.

ISIS must be made to pay in Anbar province — and yes, I stand by the proposition to use flamethrowers against ISIS strong-points. Again, lefties seem to have no grasp of tactics.

Now, I must ask, if we had such an effective air campaign, how was ISIS able to freely move in the open desert towards the town of al-Baghdadi in the first place?

And just so all the great progressive socialist military strategists understand, you can use the F-22 in a ground attack mode — it has a 20mm cannon and would be ideal to attack columns of vehicles moving in the open. I did however, make a mistake — no, not like Brian Williams, misremembering. I wrote AV-1B Harrier when I meant AV-8B Harrier.

If the detractors had any understanding, they would have realized I was presenting a solution of an aerial task force — F-22s, AV-8Bs, A-10s and attack helicopters in providing an air CAP that would isolate ISIS, preventing reinforcement, maneuvering and escape.

Funny, I wonder if I would need to explain the same to Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, and Barack Obama? I know, you folks on the left just hate it when the truth comes out and it embarrasses this administration — we hate it too, that our military continues to be embarrassed by this administration.


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