Allen West: I am HIGHLY disturbed by what the Pentagon is about to do

Is this really where we want our military to focus its energy and resources, especially at this time in the aftermath of the second worst Islamic terror attack?



As Written By Allen B. West:

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of spending the day with the men of the 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association and their 100th anniversary. The event was held at Ft. Sill and hosted by the men and women of the 1st Battalion, 14th Field Artillery Regiment under the command and leadership of LTC Sittenauer and CSM Larson. I was truly humbled to be the guest speaker for this monumental occasion and look into the eyes of those Redlegs of the past and those of the present and future. The 14th FA Regiment has a proud history with battle streamers dating back to World War II. And as I addressed the group Saturday evening, I looked on these Warriors whose Regimental motto is Ex Hoc Signo Victoria, “By this sign, Victory.” I spoke to them about the signs of victory…but as I drove back to Dallas Sunday morning, I had to ask, are we demonstrating the signs of victory as a nation?

Sadly, in the aftermath of the second largest Islamic terror attack in U.S. history, the answer is a resounding no.

Yes, the city of Fallujah had finally been completely rid of ISIS elements, but then again, it should never have fallen into the hands of ISIS. Consider the blood sacrifices of our men and women to liberate Fallujah of Islamic jihadists previously. But in the immediate term, it’s our response here that’s cause for concern — that is, if you seek victory against the global Islamic jihad.

Think about the willingness of these young Soldiers to stand upon freedom’s rampart and safeguard our liberty, yet we lack visionary and strategic leadership that wants to enjoin that fight. In this aftermath, the dominating narrative from the commander in chief of these young Warriors is one of gun control. And that was the response after the San Bernardino attack as well.

It has to amaze those of you in this country that our response to being attacked is an ideologically-driven political issue — not the safety of the American people. And certainly, not how we can better enable our military to engage and defeat this enemy and achieve victory.

I remember when I was the Brigade Operations officer of the 18th Field Artillery Brigade (Airborne) at Ft. Bragg, we received the first operational platoon of the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS). We were responsible for developing the tactics, techniques and procedures for the weapon systems operational employment. Later, after having retired, I returned to Ft. Bragg to witness my nephew take command of a HIMARS firing battery — a proud day indeed — in that same Brigade. This past Saturday I watched a live fire of the HIMARS weapons system by the 1-14th FA Regiment at Ft. Sill. These Soldiers and this tool is a vital piece of the defeat of Islamic jihadism – not gun control. I have to ask, when was the last time the commander in chief or the SecDef visited Ft. Sill, or any military installation, and watched a capabilities exercise?

Sadly, the current presidential administration believes in imparting draconian gun control measures on law-abiding U.S. citizens…and instituting restrictive rules of engagement on our men and women deployed into combat zones. That is not a sign of victory.

Another confusing sign being conveyed from this administration in the aftermath of the Orlando attack comes from the lips of Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.

Just last week she stated our most effective response to Islamic terrorism and hate is “compassion, unity, and love.” What message does it send to our enemy, what sign is being given, when our response to their terror attack, killing 49 Americans, is that we want to send them a hug?

It reminds me of John Kerry and James Taylor serenading the French people after they experienced a horrific jihadist attack. This is not a sign of victory but rather one of weakness and abject acquiescence, subjugation, before the enemy.

It is a sign that emboldens the enemy to continue their savagery and barbarism……

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I am HIGHLY disturbed by what the Pentagon is about to do – Allen B. West –

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