Allen West: I can’t believe what just happened at the University where I sent my DAUGHTER

This liberal snowflake, safe-space, stuff has got to come to an end. And what we’re seeing now is a sort of “preemptive” move by college campuses to create these space spaces. When will it end!

As written by Allen B. West:

I’ve been raised to believe that the most important aspect of anyone’s life is the service they give to something greater than themselves. I’ve been blessed to have an incredible platform, and with this incredible opportunity comes increased responsibility. There aren’t too many places in this world where a young fella from the inner city can grow up and become a combat battalion commander and a former member of Congress, and have a respected constitutional conservative voice.

But all of this isn’t about what I have, or will, achieve, but rather what I can enable others to achieve. It’s also about bringing to light the injustices and travails of others who may not have such a platform or voice. This is why I’ll continue to advocate for young Army First Lieutentant Clint Lorance, a Texan who was incarcerated wrongly by the U.S. Army in Ft. Leavenworth prison — while Bradley Manning and Bowe Bergdahl, both dishonorable individuals, walk free.

And so it is that I received a letter from a young man I’ve come to know here in Dallas that I’ll share with you.

Lieutenant Colonel West,

My name is Drew Wicker and I serve as the president of Southern Methodist University’s College Republicans. I am reaching out to you to tell you about our fight for free speech at SMU, and ask for your help as one of the most respected leaders in our nation, and as a parent of an SMU student [a graduate with a masters degree]. About a week ago, a letter was sent to the president of SMU, Gerald Turner, by a bipartisan coalition of student organizations and leaders (this group was comprised of College Republicans, College Democrats, Feminist Equality Movement, Mustangs for Life, Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Freedom).

In the letter, we expressed our sincere concern about a new use of university grounds policy that was created this July that would place Dallas Hall Lawn, the heart of SMU’s campus, off limits to student organizations who would seek to hold displays there such as the 9/11 Memorial, the Back the Blue Voter Registration Drive, the Memorial of Innocents, etc. In the policy itself, the reason stated for this change was that SMU has the right to “protect students from triggering, harmful or harassing” displays such as the ones mentioned prior.

All future displays have been moved from the heart of SMU’s campus, Dallas Hall Lawn, to a brand new location, MoMac Park, where student wouldn’t see any of the displays. We have grown our coalition to include other student groups and leaders on campus, as well as alumni, donors and elected officials, one of whom was Governor Abbott, who sent a letter to President Turner requesting the repeal of this new policy. President Turner has responded to the governor and we have as well.

We love SMU and view this to be a battle for the heart and soul of this campus. This is the beginning of the battle for the heart and soul of Texas’ universities, and we refuse to let SMU deviate from its mission as a center for higher learning, or to follow schools such as UC Berkeley, Middlebury and Evergreen College. Here is the link is a CBS11 interview that was done yesterday and is the most recent news story since we have responded to the governor.

Drew Wicker
President of College Republicans
Vice President of Young Americans for Freedom at SMU
Tower Scholar Cox School of Business
Finance BBA & Public Policy Major Class of 2018

Andrew and I have attended many events together and I can attest to the fact that he’s one of those young men who will be an influential leader for our nation. Andrew is right; I am an SMU dad, and our oldest daughter, Aubrey, completed her masters of science in cellular and molecular biology degree at Southern Methodist University. Her advanced education has already paid great dividends for her, as she now pursues her masters of science in physician assistant studies. However, there’s something far more important for our students than just academic pursuits: character. And being a resident of Dallas, and an SMU dad, I’m truly appalled that SMU President Gerald Turner would take it upon himself to institute a policy acquiescing to the insidious concept of “safe spaces.”

College and university campus life is not just about making As and Bs, it’s also about being exposed to varying thoughts, ideas and perspectives. It’s not the mission, responsibility, or right of SMU to “protect students from triggering, harmful or harassing” displays. And I must ask, who are the members of this “star chamber” who are empowered to make the decision as to what’s “triggering” or a “micro-aggression?”

I remember being a student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, when the hated Ku Klux Klan got permission to march there. As a young black student from Georgia, I know their history and find them absolutely despicable. But I didn’t need anyone making a decision about their First Amendment right to free speech and freedom of assembly. What the University of Tennessee did was treat me, and its students, as adults who could discern for ourselves, and entrusted us not to make irrational or violent responses. That’s what a university must do.


I can’t believe what just happened at SMU — where I sent my DAUGHTER

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