Allen West “I could think of no greater honor than leading a great organization of men and women like the Secret Service”

Col. Allen West and Brian spoke about the Oklahoma beheading that took place last week and radical Islam in America. On protecting Americans from radical Islam, Col. West said we have a cancer in America which puts American citizens in increased jeopardy. West believes there is an overriding desire in America to be politically correct instead of putting the security of America and American citizens first.

On ISIS, Col. West told Brian if Baghdad falls, President Obama will blame President Bush and will not take any responsibility for the chaos in the Middle East. West told Brian that this is what happens when you get an incompetent community organizer as president.

Brian asked Col. West if he would consider heading the Secret Service if he was offered the position. West responded by saying “I will always serve my country and I can think of no greater honor than to lead a great organization of men and women like the Secret Service…and have the ultimate mission of protecting the president of the United States of America…”

Listen to the whole interview here:  HOUR 2 KILEMADE

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