Allen West: I had the sick feeling this would happen; here’s how we MUST respond

Our men and women in uniform are chomping at the bit to deliver a first rate ass whipping on these jihadis. Sadly, the Obama administration is probably preparing to send John Kerry and James Taylor to sing another duet.


As Written By Allen B. West:

They are our longest running ally, and it was their version of Independence Day — Bastille Day. Sadly, the country that gave us the Marquis de Lafayette, whose portrait is displayed in our House of Representatives chamber, has once again been attacked. Attacked again by Islamic terrorism, jihadism, and we send, once again, our condolences to France.

But, I have to ask, when are we going to stop sending condolences? Friday evening I will be in Chattanooga for the “American Heroes Dinner.” It was not too long ago that an Islamic jihadist fired on a military recruiting station and then killed five Marines and Sailors, who were unarmed, at the Naval Reserve Support Facility there. Nothing. San Bernardino, nothing. Orlando, nothing. Charlie Hebdo, nothing. Paris Islamic terror attack: declaration that it meant war, then nothing. Brussels, nothing. Istanbul airport, nothing. Bangladesh, nothing.

Well, let me correct that statement, there are speeches, rhetoric and false narratives about gun control and statements of containment. For some that is something. To the enemy it is nothing.

Americans are beheaded and it’s off to play golf. Americans are abandoned to fight for their lives against Islamic jihadists, and we have a president, and a wannabe president, lie. And what happens to them? Nothing. We keep hearing about bringing those responsible to justice — as if this is about knocking on a door, apprehending them, reading them Miranda rights, and then trying them — well, just releasing them, since detaining them is the nexus of their recruitment to kill us.

Who among you are sickened by the abject weakness displayed by Western elected officials? As I am writing this, there are some 77 dead, close to 100 who are wounded, and the death toll could go higher.

We throw ourselves into gyrations about measured responses, restrictive rules of engagement, and reduction of collateral damage. In other words, we are providing the enemy sanctuary because of our reticence to unleash hell upon them. The people in Nice were not considered for collateral damage; they were brutally and savagely run down and shot — just as in Orlando, Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino — and the list goes on.

Earlier this year I had the sick feeling the enemy knew this year was their last year, their chance to inflict levels of carnage unseen. And if we do not make the correct decision come November 2016, –and let me remind you, it was Hillary Clinton who stated “we must empathize with our enemies” — this will only escalate further.

Upon Neville Chamberlain’s return from Germany with the Munich Accord, and his statement of “peace in our time,” Winston Churchill chided him stating, “you had a choice between dishonor and war, you chose dishonor and we shall have war.”

This is where we are, and this is where Barack Obama and the progressive socialist left have taken us. We are being dishonored, killed, and we are told that actions are being taken to avoid war — hardly so. This 21st century battlefield of non-state, non-uniformed belligerents, Islamic fascism, has come to our shores and is killing our citizens. And these leftist cowards are telling us here in America that this is all about more gun control. This is their narrative, as ISIS is all over social media once again celebrating. And as I shared with you earlier today, our aviation maintenance crews are scouring aircraft boneyards for our combat aircraft readiness.

This MUST end, and it must end now — sadly, there will be no replacement of leadership at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue until next year January. Sadly, we do not ….

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I had the sick feeling this would happen; here’s how we MUST respond… – Allen B. West –

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