Allen West: I have an offer for y’all RESIST protestors…

HAHA! Another home run written by West himself! As usual he tells it like it is, not holding back on the Liberal generation that’s been fostered here in America. 

As written by Allen B. West:

I remember the movie from 1999 called “Analyze This,” featuring Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal. The premise of the movie was a mob boss, DeNiro, diagnosed with anxiety, ended up going to Billy Crystal for treatment. The movie was hilarious, and it also reminded me of the movie “Gross Pointe Blank,” when a hit man, John Cusack, was seeking psychiatric assistance from a nervous doctor played by Alan Arkin. Therefore, in the same vein, let’s do some analysis of the progressive socialist mind, as it appears they’re becoming more unhinged. Any of you resist protestors want to have a little therapy session? I’m taking appointments. And I think we’ll start with asking our first patient a simple question: “Resist what?”

First of all, they should be resisting this whole minimum wage malarkey. As we reported here, Seattle found out the hard way that the $15 per hour minimum wage is hurting the very workers it was trying to help.

As reported by Fox News, The working poor are making more per hour but taking home less pay. The University of Washington [not a conservative institution of higher learning] paper asserts the new wages boosted worker pay by 3 percent, but also resulted in a 9-percent reduction in hours and a $125 cut to the monthly paychecks.

Now, Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus has started a phenomenal organization called the Job Creators Network (JCN). The JCN has started a counter campaign called “The Fight for $50,000″…meaning a focus on those jobs that start at a $50,000 wage level. Now, ask yourself, who would want to “resist” that? I mean should we not want to encourage Americans to reach for the higher bar and not settle for the minimum?

I’m happy to share my perspective and insights on the faux minimum wage issue. Why, why is it that the progressive socialist mind does not comprehend that the artificial implementation of a wage — heck, why not a $20 minimum wage — results in three options for small business owners and franchisers. First, they can pass onto customers the cost of the wage increase by raising prices of their product. Second, as we see in Seattle, full time workers will have their hours cut in order to balance all the cost requirements of the small business, and stay within the already very thin margins to operate the business. Or, thirdly, these business owners can just go out of business, and the employees then seek out government unemployment benefits, joining the welfare nanny-state dependency society. And based on the wise words of that sage of progressive socialism, Nancy Pelosi, “unemployment benefits can stimulate the economy.” Yep, analyze that!

So, what is it exactly that the leftists are hitting the streets resisting? I mean I’ve actually read reports that they’re hitting the gym to train. What a laugh…train for what?

I mean, consider that yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) hit an all time high, something that has been consistently happening since the results of last November’s election. And to think, we don’t even have any healthcare or tax reform legislation completed.

Imagine what would happen to our economy if we passed tax reform legislation, signed into law, that enabled the trillions of dollars of capital to flow back into the United States and our economy? Now, who would want to resist that? And OPEC called for an emergency meeting yesterday because of reports that the United States is becoming a top ten energy exporter, surpassing many OPEC nations. Guess what, we’re now in a position to export energy resources, namely liquid natural gas, to Eastern European countries enabling them to give Russia and Vladimir Putin the “one finger salute” leading to the undermining of his economy — the greatest sanction. Now, who would want to resist that?

If y’all haven’t noticed, the liberal progressive media isn’t doing much reporting about what’s happening in Iraq and Syria. They’re too busy droning on about Russia. However, the Obama Jayvee team is having its territorial footprint reduced. Now, I’m the first to admit, we don’t need to be popping off bottles of champagne, but this is a positive beginning to roll back the global Islamic jihad. There’s much more to be done, including are we going to continue to populate GITMO with these barbaric savages who would blow up little girls at a pop music concert. Now, who would want to resist that? Yes, we have a low water mark in border crossings by illegals into America, wonder why? The criminal illegal immigrant gang, MS-13, is being assailed and reduced here in America…who would resist that?

We’re already witnessing strong job reports that are exceeding expectations, and again, this is before we even have tax reform supporting strong economic growth. And again, who would resist having strong economic growth? Who would agree that anemic one to two percent GDP growth should be our new normal, our bare minimum goal?

Last week, an American president stood in an Eastern European nation, Poland, and spoke highly of Western civilization and defending its values. This is a far departure from what had preceded the past eight years. Who would want to resist supporting and defending classical liberal principles and values, such as individual liberty, freedom, pursuit of happiness and property, and protective rights such as freedom of religion, speech, assembly, expression, press, and the right to bear arms, defend oneself? And do we really want a healthcare system that would tell parents, your child should die? Doggone, there are those who have decreed our unborn babies cannot be allowed the most simple right, life, and now it appears they’ll determine when a baby outside the womb can live. I don’t want the state, the government to have the final say on my life, or anyone else’s…isn’t that something worth standing up for, resisting?

Yes, if I had progressive socialists on my couch for analysis, this would be my line of assessment and conversation. I know, they’d just start screaming racist, sexist, Islamophobe, homophobe, and other derisive monikers. But I would calmly ask, “resist what?” Their overly emotional tantrums, expressed in violent rioting, only resemble a child that hasn’t gotten what they wanted. Yet, the child isn’t capable enough to realize that what they want, if they even know, does not bode well for themselves, and certainly not for the greater society.

You see, post-modern liberal progressivism, socialism, statism, communism — call it as you wish — cannot survive on its own volition or record. It’s a system of failure, and history has proven so…as the $15 minimum wage endeavor in Seattle reminds us…along with Venezuela. But only by force, coercion, intimidation, and violence, emotional temper tantrums, do the progressive socialists get their way — that is why disarming the populace is a requisite for their success.

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