Allen West: I have big concerns about President Trump administation’s continued recognition of the Palestinian Authority 

President Donald Trump should have nothing to so do with the Palestinian Authority (PA), also known as Fatah, the descendants of the original Islamic terrorist organization, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). Students of history know that there was NEVER a nation of Palestine, and therefore no Palestinians. The PA is untrustworthy, advocates violence against Israel, and their track record is abismal. So what should President Trump do? Read on, please.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Why, oh why is anyone giving ear to the Palestinian Authority, better known as Fatah, the descendants of the original Islamic terrorist organization, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)? Why do we still have a PLO diplomatic mission in the United States? Why does anyone recognize this suit-wearing gang of Islamic jihadists led by a former terrorist who has incited violence against innocent Israelis, given accolades to those who have, and secured funding to the families of those who answered his call for jihadist attacks? Why did President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, recently meet with Abu Mazen — peace is only achievable if you have a willing peace partner — not with those who promote violence, and deceive.

And now this…

As reported by the Palestinian Media Watch, “The Palestinian Authority entrapped UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres into meeting with the mother of 5 Palestinian terrorists yesterday, and then lied about what happened.

According to a UN spokesman, Guterres was not scheduled to meet the families of terrorist prisoners but were surprised by the sudden request of the PA to meet with “mothers of detained children,” as reported by The Times of Israel: “At the end of a meeting with Palestinian officials this afternoon in Ramallah, the secretary-general was informed that a group of Palestinian mothers of detained children wanted to give him a petition. Confronted with the situation, he received the group which presented him a petition.” [The Times of Israel, Aug. 29, 2017]

The PA’s official news agency WAFA presented it differently. It described Guterres’ meeting with parents of prisoners, including Latifa Abu Hmeid, mother of 5 terrorists, 1 who was killed as a “Martyr” and the other 4 who are serving between them 17 life sentences, very routinely, without any reference to it not being on the schedule:  “UN Secretary-General António Guterres met this evening [Aug. 29, 2017] in Ramallah with several families of Palestinian Martyrs (Shahids) and prisoners that are sitting in the Israeli occupation’s prisons… Present at the meeting were Latifa Abu Hmeid…”[WAFA, Aug. 29, 2017]”

Isn’t it just grand how the progressive socialist left and their friends in Fatah, redefine language? I mean the left refers to illegal immigrants as “undocumented workers” and Fatah refers to imprisoned Islamic jihadists as “detained children.” Now, ain’t that just a daisy folks, and this is how the left and those of like mind manipulates us by using soft language that’s supposed to tug at your heart strings. Kinda like Barack Obama pardoning all those criminally convicted drug dealers — he probably just saw them as “unlicensed pharmacists.”

This just goes to show how crafty Fatah is to refer to these women as “mothers of detained children” as if the Israelis are somehow conducting a war on children. And this is what they do in order to demonize the Israelis who are the ones trying to protect their children from these monsters being raised by these women who are receiving stipends from funds provided by Western nations. This is why I tend to have little to no sympathy for the nomadic Arabs who have been further crafty in hijacking the name “Palestinians.”

As long as the PA and Fatah continue to refer to Islamic jihadists as “martyrs,” they should not be receiving any funding support whatsoever. In essence, what’s happening is that Western nations are aiding and abetting, providing material support and comfort to Islamic terrorism.

It’s not just that UN Secretary-General Guterres was duped and deceived, about which he should have made a public statement denouncing Mahmoud Abbas and his “Hamas-lite” Islamic terrorist organization, but he was also the victim of Islamic jihadist propaganda.

“Moreover, the PA made an outright lie, fictitiously reporting that the UN Secretary-General responded favorably to statements about Palestinian prisoners and that he “understood” their “suffering,” to make it seem like he accepted their claims about the Palestinian terrorist prisoners. This is what the PA claims to have told Guterres: This is what the PA claims to have told Guterres: “The prisoners’ families demanded that the UN secretary-general act in a serious and concrete manner to save the lives of more than 6,500 Palestinian prisoners and female prisoners sitting in the Israeli occupation’s prisons from the grave violations that the [Israeli] occupation Prison Service perpetrates against them, such as medical neglect, administrative detentions, and the arrest of women, children, and parliament members.” …the PA’s lie is that it claimed that Guterres responded positively to this by saying:  “We understand the suffering of the Palestinian prisoners. We will work together with the authorized and relevant parties in order to put an end to their suffering.” [WAFA, Aug. 29, 2017] The UN spokesman denied that Guterres had said this:  “All of the quotes attributed to the Secretary-General are fabricated.” [Ynet News, Aug. 29, 2017]”

From reports, it appears that President Trump was incensed when he realized Abbas had also lied to him during their meeting in the White House. Then I would humbly ask, why even have a meeting with Abbas in the White House? It’s time we stop recognizing the Palestinian Authority, unless we recognize them for who they truly are: just another Islamic jihadist organization.

How many millions, no, billions of dollars in American taxpayer resources has gone into the areas controlled by the PA, yet we still have them supporting Islamic terrorism? You cannot have open and honest ……


I have big concerns about the Trump administration’s continued recognition of the Palestinian Authority – Allen B. West –

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