Allen West “I Have One Question for Jared Kushner”

The children raised in the middle east need to be brought up to not hate, and even want to kill, others. Worse, they’re even, in a way, awarded for their upbringing. What would WE, as AMERICANS, do if those missiles were aimed directly at us?

As written by Allen B. West:

I was in DC this week to speak at Pastor John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Summit. What a great organization – 3 million members — of which I am honored to be a part and invited to speak on a panel before some 6,000 at the DC convention center Monday. It is a very plain premise: Christians all over the world need to support the Jewish State of Israel, or else, where do we find our spiritual homeland?

Please tell me where else in the Middle East do you find a diverse multicultural society that advances the principles of individual liberty and freedom, for all? And when you consider the neighborhood in which Israel resides, well, ask yourself, would we allow the same to happen in America? I find it just ludicrous when we castigate Israel as some “occupation” entity, not realizing that which they face, daily…Islamic jihadist attacks, like just last week in Jerusalem.

 As reported by Palestinian Media Watch, “PA official Laila Ghannam, the District Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh, praised the “Martyrdom-death” of a 17-year-old terrorist who was shot and killed while throwing Molotov cocktails at Jewish civilians.With a play on words, she emphasized that rather than obtaining his matriculation certificate (“shahada”) this summer, the terrorist “achieved the highest Martyrdom” (“shahada”.) She gave the terrorist’s family a statuette of a bird, symbolizing her wish that: “Our child Martyrs, Allah willing, are birds in Paradise.” Ghannam’s reference is to the Islamic tradition attributed to Muhammad, the Hadith, which teaches that Martyrs in Paradise reside inside the bodies of green birds.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meier stated, “When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons.”

I know President Trump has assigned the task of Middle East peace to his son-in-law, Jared Kushner — a tall task. But does Kushner really understand the monumental challenge he faces?

There can be no peace in the Middle East as long as awards, trophies and recognition are given to jihadists, in keeping with the traditions of Mohammed.

As well, we know that Fatah — let’s not legitimize them as some “Palestinian Authority;” if anything they’re the original Islamic terrorist organization, the PLO, — are providing “social welfare checks” to terrorist families.

So, why are we wasting millions, billions, of U.S. taxpayer dollars subsidizing the business of raising little freaking Islamic jihadists? You want Middle East peace? Stop funding terror. And how insidious that we have this BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) agenda against Israel while funds flow freely into Ramallah and Gaza, not for improvement of infrastructure, but to prop up Fatah and Hamas, both Islamic terrorist organizations.

Just ask yourself, if there were rockets and missiles being fired out of Mexico into south Texas and Arizona, what would we do? What if we had some Canadian come over into America and kill some of our citizens, would we take it nicely if they gave the family a subsidy? Oops, that already happened with Omar Khadr, and look at the outrage that spurred.


Here’s MY question for Jared Kushner

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