Allen West “I must ask, what kind of slack-jawed wussy men complain about THIS?”

The thing I most despise about the progressive socialist left is that they cannot leave folks alone. They’re just damned determined to make us, the normal people, acquiesce to their bovine excrement.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Our website editor in chief, Michele Hickford, hates it when I write about college football. Needless to say, she’s not from the South and therefore, she doesn’t comprehend the passion we have for this truly American experience.

I will give Hickford credit, because her dad, Leo, is a World War II and Korean War veteran, so I excuse her folly. [Editor’s note: Thanks, boss]

However, this is a time that so many of us yearn for — that special season when we gather and tell tall tales, reunite, have tailgates, and enjoy the beauty and pageantry that is college football. Just tell me, how many of you last Saturday, watching the Battle in Bristol, didn’t get a little choked up during the playing of our National Anthem? You can still be a proud American and not have to worry about overpaid spoiled brats embarrassing your team. [keep reading below]

And American college football teams have mascots, themes and other articles associated with their state, school or region. I’m very proud to be a Tennessee Volunteer, because I know what that name represents. And that name is very special to the folks in the state that has taken me in and I call home: Texas. This past week my wife Angela and I sat with our oldest daughter, Aubrey, and began refining choices for application to physician assistant’s school. Aubrey will complete her Masters in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Southern Methodist University in December — and talk about someone who loves college football, that is Aubrey. But, leave it up to the chuckleheads of the liberal progressive socialist left to screw up everything — including college football.

As reported by our cohorts over at, “Liberal anti-gun activists took their rants to the conservative bastion of Lubbock, Texas, to challenge the “Guns Up” slogan of the Texas Tech University Red Raiders.

While not taking a stand on the attempted political-correctness takeover of the University’s slogan, school officials released records showing an ongoing effort by academics and other anti-gun advocates to stop the use of the slogan and the “offensive” thumb and forefinger gesture that is used by Red Raider supporters as a symbol of school pride.

Michael Grant, Ph.D., complained to then University President M. Juane Nellis, Ph.D., about his use of the phrase “Go Texas Tech, and Guns Up!” in his official signature line on his weekly emails to university alumni, the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal reported.

“I find it quite embarrassing to admit that I earned two degrees from an institution that employs the offensive slogan [sic] ‘Guns Up’,” Grant wrote in an email to Nellis. “I will never contribute while that pattern remains,” he continued. “The romantic ‘Wild West’ context of gun violence continues to cause great harm to a great number of individuals, especially children (Guns Up, kids!).”

The open records request revealed that President Nellis responded that “Guns Up” is not a call to violence against children or anyone else, but the damage had been done and political correctness scored another victory as the University president changed his tag line from “Guns Up!” to “Wreck ‘Em!”

Seemingly pleased, Grant responded, “While still couched in the language of violence, I’m delighted to see the tagline signature ‘Guns Up’ not present.” While the allegedly offensive phrase and corresponding hand gesture are still in common use on the University’s campus and at sporting events, complaints to the school’s administrators continued.

The new president of Texas Tech, Lawrence Schovanec, Ph.D., responded to one complaint from a high school principal in Garrison, North Dakota. Schovanec wrote, “We should be cautious in connecting imagery, symbols and gestures at a sporting event to deeper societal issues. The ‘guns up’ gesture to which you refer is in no way a glorification of hand guns or indicative of a culture of gun advocacy.”

Why am I writing about this? Because one of the physician assistant programs Aubrey will be applying to is at Texas Tech University, and she thinks the Red Raider mascot and the “Guns Up” motto is really cool.

I must admit, I always have as well. Seeing that black stallion streaking onto the field with the Red Raider rider holding up the “Guns Up” symbol is freaking awesome. It’s what makes the college football experience unique and special for the students, alumni, and supporters of Texas Tech University in Lubbock.

So, I must ask, what kind of slack-jawed wussy men complain about a thumb and a finger? And to Dr. Grant, no one really gives a hoot about how you “feel” and if you’re embarrassed, then why did you attend Texas Tech and earn two degrees there? Let me answer — because it’s a fine institution of higher learning and they have pride in that institution.

And why does a freaking principal from a high school in North Dakota have anything to say about the Texas Tech “Guns Up” symbol? Heck, watch out, next thing you know that same principal will complain to North Dakota State that their mascot, the Bison, is just too ornery and mean-looking! And in that light, beware Texas Longhorns — ol’ Bevo may be sidelined for a more politically-correct and kinder mascot, say a poodle?

Now, y’all are possibly laughing your butts off, but there’s a trend going on here. There has been a complaint from a University of Iowa professor that their mascot, well, just looks too mean. You know, those Iowa Hawkeyes, the hawk should be smiling. After all, you don’t wanna scare the opposing team, do ya? Gee, perhaps they shouldn’t even have a hawk as a mascot — you know they’re birds of prey that kill to eat — maybe hawks should go on government subsistence and get food stamps!

I’m concerned because I just know the whacky mentally-disturbed and deranged progressive left will want to take away the musket that ol’ Davy Crockett has on the sidelines at the University of Tennessee football games. We need more gun control on campus you know, and our Volunteer mascot recalls negative and racist stereotypes of those brave Tennesseans who fought in the Mexican War.

And don’t laugh, folks up in West Virginia, your mascot, the Mountaineers, also uses a musket, which he actually fires when you guys score — better stop scoring touchdowns. Oops, just forgot, this could also have an affect against a professional football team, the New England Patriots, who after every score, have a group of men, the Patriots End Zone Militia, who fire off their muskets. And hey Colin Kaepernick, one of those Patriots is a black guy — then again, he’s oppressed, probably forced to be there.

The New England Patriots end zone militia fire their rifles after the Patriots scored against the San Diego Chargers in the first quarter at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts on September 18, 2011. The Patriots defeated the Chargers 35-21. UPI/Matthew Healey

Dr. Michael Savage is known for saying that liberalism — and he means this post-modern liberal progressive socialism — is a mental disorder. Now, when they do stuff like this, it REALLY makes me believe that’s an accurate assessment.

Hey, Doc Grant, did you ever ask any kids at a Texas Tech football game if they got scared when all those adults were holding their index finger and thumb up in unison and shouting “Guns Up?” Nah, you didn’t because you’re probably too much of a Punky Brewster to have attended a football game — too violent, all those men hitting each other, ya know. Well, if you had gone, you’d have seen the kids with their finger and thumb up shouting “Guns Up” because it’s a rallying cry, just like we sing “Rocky Top” in Tennessee.

Now, some of the schools also need worry about those old Pack 75mm cannons that y’all have that shoot, blanks of course, after the home team scores — University of Missouri comes to mind. Ol’ Doc Grant would really not take a liking to having such a symbol of war on a college campus, and actually firing! Oh my God, the horror of it all.

The thing I most despise about the progressive socialist left is that they cannot leave folks alone. They’re just damned determined to make us, the normal people, acquiesce to their bovine excrement. Look at what’s happening in North Carolina where folks kinda believe you should utilize the bathroom or facility corresponding to your birth certificate gender. The NCAA and the ACC have lost their freaking minds and are moving college championships out of the Tar Heel state. These misguided acolytes of foolishness get their underwear all in a tizzy over a college football symbol using a finger and a thumb — yet they want to tell us what bathroom to use. I again ask the rhetorical question, where in God’s name do they find these people?

I love singing “Rocky Top” and seeing our Tennessee Volunteer mascot dressed up as Davy Crockett with his musket. I hope Aubrey gets accepted to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and I get the chance to visit Lubbock and attend a football game with her. I’d be proud to stand next to my daughter, dressed in black and red, and hold up my thumb and finger saying ….

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Can you spot the latest DUMB thing putting liberal panties in a twist? – Allen B. West –

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