Allen West: I REFUSE to remain on the sidelines about this!

Retired Army LTCOL Allen West is hollering for the coach to send him in. He will not remain on the sidelines. He weighs in with his opinions on the mess that President Obama has left behind. We are not talking a White House mess, but a world wide mess that is not safe for our or his chiildren. The politics that covered all this up is also exposed for all to see.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Yesterday was my 56th birthday, and thanks to so many who sent their well wishes. Many asked me what was I getting as a gift and that answer is simple. On Monday, the 6th of February, I sat in a law office in Wheeling, West Virginia and watched my oldest daughter, Aubrey, sign her name to become a new American homeowner. She was accepted to the Physician Assistant program at West Liberty University, and she has fallen in love with the area. It truly reminds me of Knoxville, Tennessee with the beautiful mountains and rivers. As well, our youngest daughter, Austen, was cleared for her military physical and she will be on her way to earning her commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Her goal is to become an Army nurse. So, there you have it, the greatest gift a dad can have is the success of his children…and to be able to set them up for that success.

But for me, there’s something else, an even more important gift I wish to bequeath to my daughters Aubrey and Austen: a safer world. I want them to be free to travel anywhere in the world, and not fear an attack from a terrorist organization.

There is no doubt that we face immense national security challenges at this time. Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China are serious geo-political adversaries taking advantage of eight years of free reign and dismissal. And the explosive rise of militant global Islamic jihadism should give us all grave concern…instead some are more focused on misguided, politically correct causes.

We’ve shared here often — yesterday, as a matter of fact — the abhorrent condition in which our military finds itself.

Let me remind you once again of the viciousness and barbarism of the enemy we face.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “At least 20 people were killed on Tuesday in a bomb blast outside the Supreme Court in the center of the Afghan capital, government officials said, in what appeared to be the latest in a series of attacks on the judiciary. The Ministry of Public Health said at least 20 people were killed, while 41 wounded were taken to Kabul hospitals. 

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, in which police said an apparent suicide bomber targeted Supreme Court employees leaving their offices at the end of the working day. 

“When I heard a bang I rushed toward the Supreme Court’s parking lot to find my brother who works there,” said witness Dad Khuda, adding that he had found his brother alive. “Unfortunately, several people were killed and wounded.”

Reuters reporters at the scene saw blood stains on the street and ambulances leaving the area. The bomber appeared to have entered an area where guards were performing security checks when he detonated the explosives. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani condemned the attack as a “crime against humanity and an unforgivable act.”

The Supreme Court was the target of a bomb in June, 2013, when a suicide bomber drove an explosives-packed car into a bus carrying court employees, including judges. The Taliban claimed responsibility for that attack, and since then security near the court has been increased with large concrete blast walls.

In 2015 a Taliban bomber killed five prosecutors from the Attorney General’s office in Kabul, and last year Taliban gunmen stormed a legal office in Logar province, killing seven people, including two prosecutors. The same militant group killed four people at a provincial courthouse in Ghazni in 2016. Last month, bombers killed more than 30 people and wounded about 70 in twin blasts in a crowded area of Kabul during the afternoon rush hour. The Islamist militant Taliban, fighting to oust foreign forces and bring down the U.S.-backed government, claimed responsibility for that Jan. 10 attack.”

Yes, the Taliban, that group which today controls the most territory in Afghanistan since 2001. Yes, the Taliban, and Afghanistan, where the previous president unilaterally declared combat operations were over.

What I find truly amazing is that we have delusional mouthpieces like California’s Rep. Maxine Waters who is talking about impeaching President Donald Trump after just three weeks in the position. After eight years, the real question is why isn’t Rep. Waters discussing the abject morass left behind by one Barack Obama?

Should Rep. Waters not want to see for her relatives and loved ones the exact same gift I wish to leave to my daughters — and all American sons and daughters?

For how many years did we have to endure the constant blame game emanating from Barack Obama about the “mess” he inherited? So where are those same voices now discussing the deplorable state of our military and global security…after all Obama did say he would have MORE flexibility after his reelection — now we know what that means, and its consequences.

Funny, Rep. Waters wants an investigation into Russian hacking, but not into Obama’s flexibility, or his deployment of campaign operatives to Israel to disrupt the election of Prime Minister Netanyahu…such hypocrisy.

There is a day coming when the political chasm in America has to close. What progressive socialists need comprehend is that their collusion with Islamo-fascists — most recently Linda Sarsour, one of the “Women’s March” organizers — may make them feel good in the moment, but our death and destruction is the end state — all of us.

Ask yourself why the Afghanistan court seems to constantly be a target of the Taliban, a word which means religious student? It’s because for the Islamic jihadists, as stated in the Muslim Brotherhood charter, there is no law other than the Koran. They reject any semblance of liberal democratic process or governance, as for them, all law comes from the Koran. Now, there are those who embrace overt support of this belief, and there are those who covertly, quietly, support the same assertion. Is political correctness more important than standing up for the fundamentals of Western civilization, and the preservation of global peace and order for our future generations to enjoy?

I suppose the real enemy is the weather for the leftist liberal progressives, and I’m just some Neanderthal denier, and part of the “flat earth society.” I know, pay no attention to those fellas blowing folks up in the name of something that is the dark antithesis of all for which we are supposed to stand. Anyway, if we …


I REFUSE to remain on the sidelines about this… – Allen B. West –

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