Allen West “I want EVERYONE to remember what Obama has done to our military”

by Allen West

President Obama has returned to the White House and tomorrow is scheduled to speak before the American Legion 96th National Convention in Charlotte, NC. I want everyone to remember what Obama has done to our military. He has enacted policy decisions resulting in an Army as small as it was in 1940, before conscription; a US Marine Corps resembling post World War I numbers; a Navy the size it was in 1917, before our entry into World War I; an Air Force flying the oldest — and smallest — fleet of planes in its history; and a nuclear arsenal no larger than it was during the Truman administration. And let us not forget Obama embraced the family of a deserter while deserting Marine SGT Andrew Tahmooressi. He continues to tell our enemies what HE is not willing to do — and the result of that weakness? A beheaded American. So what lies will be spun tomorrow as he takes the stage? Obama has rejected the Reagan policy of “peace through strength” and his administration has not been truthful about the VA scandal. I hope the American Legion will not fall for another of Obama’s empty speeches.”

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