Allen West “I wonder if your local Barnes and Noble will stock this how-to book on its shelves?”

by Allen West on August 7, 2014

I wonder if your local Barnes and Noble will stock this how-to book on its shelves next to the cookbooks and home repair guides? Apparently Hamas has published its own how-to manual for using civilians as human shields and the benefits of causing their death.

As reported by the New York Post, ” The Israeli military said it has captured a Hamas manual on urban warfare — called “Introduction to the City War” — that extols the benefits of civilian deaths and openly admits that Israel tries to avoid them. The Israel Defense Forces also said the manual crows about the propaganda value of the deaths of innocents.”

What I find damning is that Hamas is actually doubly guilty of war crimes. You see, Hamas fires rockets at innocent civilians while they use innocent civilians to shield their rockets and attacks. Where is the condemnation from the international community?

When those pro-Hamas protesters take to the streets in Paris, London, New York, Washington DC, or even right here in South Florida, are they accepting of this practice?


Hello anti-Israel protestors: Please defend the Hamas how-to manual for exploiting civilian deaths | Allen B. West –

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