Allen West “If the State Dept wanted to recognize a brave Egyptian woman why not activist Cynthia Farahat who had to flee Egypt”


by Allen West via Facebook

In typical Obama Administration fashion, the State Department and the FLOTUS were going to present an award to an Egyptian woman, Samira Ibrahim. Turns out she is a flaming radical Islamist, anti-Semite, and anti-American. To hear the State Department spokesperson say her social media rants were unknown really makes one question their competence….Or perhaps they knew and intended to give Ibrahim the recognition? After all we just gave the Muslim Brotherhood $250M in taxpayer dollars. If they wanted to recognize a brave Egyptian woman and political activist, they should have chosen a brilliant Coptic Christian woman who had to flee Egypt, Cynthia Farahat. She lives in DC, so let’s all contact the White House and State Department and tell them to present Cynthia with the award tomorrow and finalize her plea for political asylum.

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