Allen West: If Trump does this tonight, it’s ALL OVER

It’s clear what the goal and objective will be for Hillary Clinton going into this debate — to delegitimize Donald Trump. The problem is, she has an issue with her own legitimacy, trust and credibility. Here’s what Trump  must do tonight!

As Written By Allen B. West:

First of all let me clarify something. In my position as the Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis, I cannot engage in specific political candidate fundraising events and endorsements. However I can vote.

And as we have four viable individual presidential candidates in Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein, my vote goes to Donald Trump.

Now, if the progressive socialist left wants to place me in the “basket of deplorables,” I’m happy to be there. I can go on ad nauseum about the deplorable actions and character of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, so let’s not go there. But, my singular electoral patronage is not the focus of this missive. Today is the first presidential debate and I want to share why I believe Trump will win in November.

The debate Monday evening has to start addressing what has happened the last two weekends in America: terror attacks. The latest one came in Burlington, Washington where four American women and one man lost their lives.

As we reported yesterday, 20-year-old Arcan Cetin, a Turkish national who and immigrated to the U.S., shot four women and one man at the Cascade Mall in Burlington Friday evening. He was not unknown to police as he had previously been arrested for assault and faced three domestic violence charges against his stepfather which were later dropped. He was also arrested for drunken driving and court records show Cetin was told by a judge on Dec. 29 that he was not allowed to possess a firearm.

This follows the weekend of attacks in New York and New Jersey, along with another mall terrorist act via stabbing of nine Americans in Minnesota.

Now, of course we are going to be told that young Arcan Cetin had no Islamic terrorist motive, he was just upset about something — maybe jilted by a girl. Every excuse was made for the Islamic jihadist who shot four Marines and a Sailor at the Naval Reserve Support Center in Chattanooga. The debate this evening has to start with who will protect the American people and how, and who can present their case with genuine credibility — not regurgitated and scripted rhetoric and talking points.

It’s clear what the goal and objective will be for Hillary Clinton going into this debate — to delegitimize Donald Trump. The problem is, she has an issue with her own legitimacy, trust and credibility.

If her goal is to spend the evening thumping Trump, she’ll lose the evening. As well, if she goes in standing there and spewing a bunch of policy facts and such, she’ll look like Paul Ryan did four years ago against Joe Biden.

And my assessment is if things aren’t going as Mrs. Clinton has scripted within the first 35 to 40 minutes, panic will set in — and it may be visible. She’ll then try and force an issue and look like the kid struggling to be recognized for attention — similar to Ohio Governor John Kasich during the GOP primary debates.

Knowing all of this, Donald Trump has to be “Cool Hand Luke” and never take the bait nor enter the ambush, which Mrs. Clinton and possibly Lester Holt will try to lay.

He has to be very loose, nimble and give responses that are concise, not long professorial and political dissertations. He doesn’t have to delve deep into “policy specifics” but he MUST evidence a grasp and knowledge of issues based on the current events — especially national security, foreign policy, and relate how the Federal Reserve’s recent decision gives witness as to how our economy is in a sad state.

Trump must own the narrative, take careful precision strikes and know Hillary Clinton’s position weaknesses better than she does, and know her response before she states them. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s failures are simply massive. As a carpet-bagging Senator from New York, her accomplishments are invisible. As the former first lady, her “Hillarycare” was a precursor for Obamacare, which is just a massive tax law and an expansion of Medicaid. Trump needs to debate principle, not figures, as Hillary Clinton will drone on about the latter since she lacks the former.

If Hillary Clinton wants to refer to Trump as a racist, he should remind her of the praise she heaped on Senator Robert Byrd — a Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard. If she wants to refer to him as a xenophobe, then ask her about sanctuary cities and the release of criminal illegal immigrants. If she wants to castigate him as an Islamophobe, ask her how she will defeat ISIS with no US troop engagement, which would go against the 6000 troops Obama has committed to Iraq and Syria.

Me? I’d have a “reset button” to give Mrs. Clinton and ask her, “what difference at this point does it make?” Trump has to be smarter, not in a gimmicky manner, but rather display an acute sense of issues cognizance while keeping his opponent on defense and reacting.

As well, Trump has to get a “poker face” — never show emotion, but show passion when he talks about the American people. Force Hillary Clinton to be shrill and flummoxed — which ain’t that hard.

So, why do I believe Trump may win in November? Because if he’s successful in this first debate, utter panic will set in with the Clinton campaign…and that’s when mistakes shall be made.

As a result, Hillary Clinton won’t talk about the American people, she’ll be 24/7 talking about Donald Trump, because that’s all she and the left can do.

The key for Trump is that after a successful first debate, he must not dial it in for subsequent debates — like Mitt Romney did in 2012. America isn’t looking for a policy wonk or bookworm as president. The nation is looking for someone who projects American strength, will, resolve and determination — certainly not abject weakness and obfuscation.

In the days post debate, Trump needs to begin presenting his potential team so the country knows it’s not just voting for a person but rather a vision and a group that will implement it.

Hillary Clinton isn’t personable or likeable, and the threats and supposed “insults” of Barack Obama aren’t enough to make up the lack of those qualities.

A real policy discussion exposes her as just being a continuation of a failure.

Clinton and the progressive socialist left’s assault on the American people in their condescending, denigrating, and disparaging references only serve to unite many against them — and I do mean many; they have no idea.

But, in the end, Hillary Clinton isn’t capable of being a commander in chief. She’s already proven she won’t answer the call, as she abandoned ….

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If Trump does this tonight, it’s ALL OVER… – Allen B. West –

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