Allen West: If you read only ONE thing today, I pray it will be THIS

Today is another anniversary of the great World War Two invasion of France and it deserves your time to read about it again. As a bonus, there is a video of President Ronald Reagan’s address on the 40th Anniversary. You will understand that the greatest generation deserves that title and that your very freedoms rest on their blood and sacrifice. Honor them this day.

As Written By Allen B. West:

June 6, 1944 is the day that embodies the reason why we refer to my dad’s generation as the “Greatest Generation.” Today was the day, 73 years ago, when the greatest and largest amphibious assault in the history of the world would take place, Operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy…we call it D-Day.

I served in combat with two divisions, the First and Fourth Infantry, both of whom landed on that day years ago on Omaha and Utah Beach. I served in Airborne units that the evening prior jumped into the northern French fields in order to set the conditions for the ensuing landings. Also on Juno, Sword, and Gold beaches our British, French, and Canadian allies landed to begin the fight against the tyranny of Nazism, and the liberation of France and Europe.

Today we should all remember their sacrifice, commitment, and bravery in the face of such withering fire, they pressed on. And today, we face another vile ideological enemy that threatens global peace, and security…in honor of those men, we must stand and fight.

Take the few minutes to listen to the great D-Day 40th anniversary address of President Ronald Reagan. Share it with your friends, your children and grandchildren, lest this day be forgotten as we lose more and more of the Greatest Generation. What a day that symbolizes the resolve of freedom, liberty, in the face of evil. May God bless all those on this special day. May God ensure that we NEVER forget what they did, and what they accomplished……..


If you read only ONE thing today, I pray it will be THIS – Allen B. West –

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