Allen West Interview: Trump choosing doers [Video]

Former Congressman and retired Army LCOL Allen West was on the Dana Loesch show talking about the team that President-Elect Donald Trump is selecting. Mr. West calls them ‘doers’ and not people that just sit around. He brings up a few comparisons of those in the Obama cabinet and those chosen to be in the Trump cabinet. You will find the comparisons right on the mark.



As Written and reported by The Blaze:

Lt. Col. Allen West (U.S. Army, Ret.) joins Dana Loesch to discuss a meeting he had with Donald Trump for a possible administration role. Allen jokingly says that they saw his yard and offered him a position as groundskeeper. He isn’t certain yet what job, if any, Trump might have for him, but looks forward to finding out.

Allen tells Dana he has had some great conversations with Vice President-elect Mike Pence and a few others from the transition team. His impression of the Cabinet so far is that President-elect Trump is picking people that are practitioners and doers, not thinkers and theoreticians.

“He is choosing people that have gone out there and done it, not just people that sit around and draw it on boards,” Allen says.


Lt. Col. Allen West: Trump is choosing doers, not ‘people that sit around and draw it on boards’ – TheBlaze



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