Allen West: Is a pardon in the works?

Here is my real rub, and I will be short:

As Written By Allen B. West:

I’m in Chicago for the Salem Radio Network’s Freedom Summit. I know everyone is chatty about the FBI reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation. But, did y’all hear about the top ticket price for a World Series seat in Wrigley Field being $19,000? Well, I’ll be watching on TV, but then again, Saturdays are for college football.

I just find it interesting that in Obama’s, and Clinton’s, hometown of Chicago — oops, forget about Saul Alinsky as well – there’s so much criminal activity, felons having guns, shootings, and such. Maybe Barack Obama doesn’t care about the deplorable situation in the black community. And one his recent actions does make you question his perspective on law and order.

As reported by USA Today, “President Obama granted 98 more commutations to federal inmates Thursday, bringing the total for this year to 688 — the most commutations ever granted by a president in a single year.

In all, he’s now shortened the sentences of 872 inmates during his presidency, more than any president since Woodrow Wilson [America’s first progressive president].

The actions were part of Obama’s extraordinary effort to use his constitutional power to rectify what he sees as unduly harsh sentences imposed during the “War on Drugs.”

Through a clemency initiative announced in 2014, he’s effectively re-sentenced hundreds of non-violent drug dealers to the sentences they would have received under today’s more lenient sentencing guidelines.

Unlike a full pardon, which represents a full legal forgiveness for a crime, a commutation only shortens the sentence while leaving other consequences — like court-ordered supervision and restrictions on firearms ownership — intact.

But while Obama’s commutation grants get most of the attention, he’s also been quietly denying a record number of commutations at the same time — a function of the unprecedented number of applications submitted through the clemency initiative.

On Oct. 6, for example, the White House announced that Obama granted 102 commutations. It wasn’t until a week later that the Justice Department updated its clemency statistics to reveal that he had denied 2,917 commutation petitions on Sept. 30. Some advocates for inmates say there’s not enough transparency about why some get clemency while others wait.

“We want answers for the families who are still waiting for their clemency,” said Jessica Jackson Sloan, national director of the pro-clemency group Cut 50. “There needs to be more communication about why people are being denied.”

First of all, if these individuals who are having their sentences commuted were involved in drug dealing. I don’t see that as non-violent. Drugs destroy lives and we have a serious epidemic in this country with drug addiction and deaths from overdoses, many for young people.

And the other problem here is that what is Obama’s criteria or standard? It would have been best if Obama hadn’t ventured into this quagmire. As well, I find it very disconcerting that Barack Obama is so focused on this issue, while many others lack his attention. I would have loved to see him come out and show some emotion regarding the payback of California National Guard Soldiers’ reenlistment bonuses — or even having ten of our U.S. Sailors taken at gunpoint and put on their knees by the Iranians.

But here is my real rub, and I will be short: what about Army 1LT Clint Lorance? He sits in the U.S. Military Disciplinary Barracks at Ft. Leavenworth for killing the enemy. If there’s anyone who deserves to be pardoned — certainly have a sentence commuted — it would be Clint.

If Obama wants to release low level drug dealers back onto the streets, well, that’s is just a window into his psyche. However, to allow a brave young American warrior, a Texan, to sit in the same prison as Nidal Hasan and Bradley Manning is unconscionable. We clearly see who Obama prioritizes, and it’s not our men and women in uniform. And based on what we see in Chicago — and in Charlotte — these released felons don’t appear to abide by the law and restrictions on gun ownership.

I know some folks want to legalize drugs, marijuana especially, but there are some very dire consequences. I have no issue “de-criminalizing” marijuana usage, but drug dealers? Nah, they’re purposefully seeking to ruin the lives of others for their benefit.

1LT Clint Lorance served with honor and distinction in Afghanistan, stepping in to lead a platoon that had just lost its platoon leader. He was in combat, faced the enemy — and where is Bowe Bergdahl? Once again ,….

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