Allen West “Is perceived disrespect to Muhammad more important to the president than loss of American life?

Written by Allen West

Presidents’ Day is the perfect day to consider what we expect of a president.

Are we satisfied with a president who receives the dubious distinction of “Lie of the Year?” Are we content with a president who has had, on numerous occasions, his name and picture appear beside Pinocchio caricatures in the Washington Post due to his constant “mis-speaking” — er, lying? (And message to liberal detractors: this was supposed to be a new era, with the most transparent president and administration, so let’s talk about today, and not beat the worn out ol’ scapegoat of presidents past.)

I remember the indignation displayed by President Obama in 2012 at the UN General Assembly regarding the crude anti-islam video he blamed for the “spontaneous demonstration” resulting in the deaths of an American ambassador and three other Americans.


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