Allen West “ISIS #2 DOWN…But here’s why Obama shouldn’t spike the football”

LTC Allen West, Executive Director at NCPA, weighs in on the recent announcement from the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter that U.S. Special Ops have killed the number two guy in ISIS. Read more below:

As Written By Allen B. West:

U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter just announced that a U.S. Special Operations direct action mission in Syria resulted in the death of the number two person in ISIS. I commend our brave operators who continue to do that which is above and beyond heroism.

However, to come out after the Brussels Islamic jihadist attack – where counter raids are still being conducted – believing this is a GREAT success is delusional.

During World War II our forces intercepted Japanese communications and successfully shot down and killed venerable Admiral Yamamoto – the Japanese did not stop fighting. We were successful during a special operations forces raid in killing Osama Bin Laden – al-Qaida has not disappeared. As a matter of fact, the group has seen a resurgence and expanded greatly into the Maghreb, the Arabian Peninsula, and Southwest Asia still…….

Full Story Continues Here:

Here’s why killing ISIS #2 doesn’t mean we’re winning… – Allen B. West –

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