Allen West: Islamic Supremacists strike again … and again the Left fails to do ONE critical thing

So, what’s the progressive socialist response to Islamic Supremacists? After the terrorist strikes in Spain, the socialist progressives on the left have again refused to identify the source of terror. One news network went so far as to ask if this was a copy cat action based on the white supremecists rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Never mind that the attacks in Spain have probably been in the planning for months. Our CIA warned Spain about Barcelona months ago. That will get in the way of the liberal media narrative, wont’t it?

As Written By Allen B. West:

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the people of Spain, where I have two very close friends, Rafael Bardaji and Carmen Calero. I emailed them and thankfully they’re okay. Sadly, on a lively evening in the midst of tourist season in Barcelona, a beautiful city, some 13 people lost their lives and 80 were injured.

And guess who were the culprits? Islamic supremacists.

Yes, they’re supremacists, as defined by the progressive socialist Left; they use violence to implement their vision. They believe themselves superior to others. History lesson: The greatest slavers of blacks were Muslims. Even to this day, they target and kill others based upon their beliefs while enslaving and raping women and children.

So where are the liberal progressive voices denouncing them? Where are the progressive socialists and liberal media outlets condemning these supremacists? And when shall the Leftists start demanding that all statues and symbols of the Islamic supremacists be taken down and declared offensive?

Well, you can be certain of one thing: I’ll be castigated as an Islamophobe before any of that EVER happens.

Do any of you believe that the progressive socialist Left will condemn all Muslims as Islamic supremacists? Of course not; we’ll be told not to rush to judgment, not to lump all Muslims into the same category. We’ll be told that these Islamic supremacists are not truly Islamic and that they’re perverting the great religion of Islam.

Sadly, the collective condemnation that we’re witnessing in America by the Left is reserved for that which they seek to politically eliminate. That’s why some are trying to associate pro-life organizations with white supremacists. How absurd — but it’s why knowing history is vital; remember that it was the white supremacist Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood, which of course is heavily supported by the Democrats, a.k.a. the Progressive Socialist Party.

But, pardon me: I should never let facts get in the way of liberal progressive deception.

So, how does the left respond to yet another attack by Islamic supremacists? Shall they take to the streets or convince us that this is just a few folks — not reflective of Islam? Will they tell us we need to be more accepting and tolerant, and embrace more multiculturalism? Do we need more Sharia law courts, as in England?

How will they classify this Islamic surpremacist vehicular attack? Shall they call this an example of militant Islamic terrorism, or is this just tourist violence, or worse — an example of a need for more “car control”?

If you recall my earlier assessment of what happened in Charlottesville, I made it very clear that I despise, deplore and detest any form of supremacist view — white, black, Hispanic, Islamic. Can the progressive socialist Left make the same claim? I think that if we’re objective, the answer to that question is no.

The progressive socialist Left, for whatever reason, finds comfort in obfuscating, denying and dismissing Islamic supremacists. They allow them freedom of operation and even feature them on magazine covers such as Rolling Stone, while at the same time Al Sharpton insinuates that we should “defund” the Jefferson Memorial … which is kinda odd coming from a chucklehead that has issues paying his taxes.

We have Leftists defacing the statue of Abraham Lincoln. We have a Missouri State Senator openly hoping to see the assassination of the president.

So, what’s the progressive socialist response to Islamic Supremacists? Nothing. It’s to browbeat people such as Brigitte Gabriel, a victim of Islamic supremacists in her home of Lebanon, because she has the courage to call them out.

In Spain, authorities killed six other supremacists armed with suicide belts in a shootout yesterday. This is how we should respond. However, when I think about it, what the progressive socialist Left wants to do in America by tearing down historical monuments is no different than what ISIS did in Palmyra, Syria … or the Taliban in Bamiyan province in Afghanistan.

Islamic supremacists are seeking to erase history that is contrary to their sick and demented ideological view. Is this the intention of the progressive socialist Left? It seems to me that the collusion we should all find disconcerting is that which exists between progressive socialists and Islamo-fascists, or supremacists.

You may react emotionally to this statement, but explain to me how this is not an accurate deduction based upon the actions of the Left? Why does the Left excuse Islamic supremacists?

As I always say, I find hypocrisy deplorable and despicable. If they Left wants to…….


Islamic supremacists strike again … and again the Left fails to do ONE critical thing – Allen B. West –

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