Allen West: It breaks my heart that we can’t get ANYONE to read this

As Written By Allen B. West:

This past Saturday I was watching the Texas A&M versus Alabama college football game. I was appalled when CBS reported Alabama students stayed sitting in the stands during the playing of the national anthem. They wore t-shirts saying “Black Lives Matter”…really? Well, I’m quite sure there’ll be a march and protest after what just happened in Atlanta — maybe these students will head over from Tuscaloosa and join in. Then again, these kiddies probably have no idea what happened in Atlanta over the weekend — because only certain black lives matter to the liberal progressive socialists and the mindless lemmings who drone on.

And I’m more than happy to inquire as to why the George Soros-funded movement only acknowledges specific “black lives” lost? Will the multi-millionaire athletes will be showing up in Atlanta?

As reported by Fox News, “Georgia police are investigating a deadly home invasion early Saturday in which two young children were killed, according to reports.

15-year-old Daveon Coates and his 11-year-old sister Tatiyana Coates were found shot to death in a home in Jonesboro, Fox 5 Atlanta reported. Three other children in the home were not harmed.

“It’s heartbreaking…anytime you have someone dead it’s sad, but especially when you have children,” Clayton County Police Department spokeswoman Ashanti Marbry told the station.

Marbry said a child inside the home called police around 5 a.m. and reported that someone had broken in and was shooting. Marbry said the 15-year-old was the oldest of the five children in the home at the time. The youngest was 6. They were all siblings. Police said there were no parents or adults in the home at the time of the break-in. Fox 5 reported that the parents were eventually found and investigators were interviewing them. Clayton County Police Chief Michael Register described the incident as tragic and senseless.”

Local WSB-TV 2 reported, “Clayton County police said they were following a number of leads and using every resource available to find the suspect, or suspects, as well as determine a motive and why the home was targeted. Neighbors on the quiet street are shaken. “It’s really becoming bad. Something is wrong morally. I just don’t understand, I don’t. It’s scaring me,” said one neighbor. Neighbors tell Channel 2 Action News the family had just moved into the house less than a month ago.”

So, will there be a bunch of protests and riots over this senseless killing? Will there be t-shirts made, and will Obama come out and say Daveon and Tatiyana could have been his son and daughter? No, probably not, as I don’t recall Obama saying anything about the black male shot in the head and killed on night two of the recent Charlotte, NC riots.

And the mob was just too damn busy vandalizing the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Museum building, after all, it’s Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt’s fault — doggone, they do owe reparations for slavery according to the United Nations.

The hypocrisy is utterly laughable — if the whole situation of black-on-black violence were not so serious. And I have another point of inquiry, what were the parents doing out at 5am on a Saturday morning? What responsible parents would leave their five children, all 15 years of age and younger, home alone? I can’t think of any situation where Angela and I would not be home at 5 am on a Saturday morning with our two girls when they were so very young — heck, they’re 23 and 19 now and we’re still nervous about traveling without them. But, one thing is for certain, they know how to shoot, and know where the firearms are in the home.

You can just bet your bottom dollar if these kids were out and about, and mistakenly shot by a Clayton County Deputy, this story would be all over the news. I checked the news feeds — not a lot of national coverage other than Fox News.

How many of you know about U.S. Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay’s 15-year-old daughter, Trinity, a week ago in Lexington Kentucky? Per CNN, “The events that took Trinity’s life occurred around 4 a.m. Sunday, according to Lexington police. They said a group of men in two cars opened fire on each other in the parking lot of a Cook Out restaurant. Trinity was shot in the neck. Police said she was not a passenger in either of the vehicles. The men who were firing on each other fled the scene. Gay was taken to UK Hospital in a private vehicle, where she later died, police said. Lexington police located one of the two cars involved in the shootout — a gray Dodge Charger — within a few hours of the incident, and detained two people for questioning.

Authorities arrested 21-year-old Dvonta Middlebrooks on Sunday afternoon. Police believe he was in the parking lot when the shooting occurred and fired multiple shots. He has been charged with wanton endangerment and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Another man who was questioned by police has not been charged, according to a police statement. Police are still looking for the second vehicle, which witnesses described as a dark sports car with tinted windows.”

Y’all hear about any protests, riots, statements of outrage? Nah, sadly Trinity Gay’s life is not considered to have mattered to a group directed by white liberal progressives and black stooges. And just as in Charlotte, what was this convicted felon doing on the streets, and with a gun?

Daveon, Tatiyana, and Trinity, we let you down. We’ve allowed our black community to eschew the principles and values we once honored, and that is the sanctity of life, and the strength of family. We’ve allowed black men to become horrible predators and murderers all because we’ve witnessed the decimation of the black family, and the dissipation of personal responsibility for black men.

The three of you are now in heaven with the millions of unborn black babies the white progressive socialists have tricked us into believing we’re undesirable — as one Margaret Sanger believed. We MUST stop the …

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It breaks my heart that we can’t get ANYONE to read this… – Allen B. West –

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