Allen West: It didn’t take long… Now they’re coming for US!

It didn’t take long for the evil empire to strike back.

As Written By Allen B. West:

I hate to say, I told ya so, but I did and it didn’t take long. I’d forewarned y’all that the evil empire would strike back. And here we are, one week after the presidential election won by Donald Trump and we see the progressive socialist left doing everything it can to undermine the president-elect. We have George Soros’ paid protesters out in the streets, and he himself meeting on Capitol Hill… Imagine if the Koch Brothers were on Capitol Hill after the presidential election if Trump had lost? We have a liberal progressive media doing all it can to cast negative light on the Trump transition. Amazingly so, we hear nothing from the leftist media about the turmoil of the Democrat party. And nothing said about a post-mortem report the Democrats need to produce?

Let’s be honest, the 2016 election cycle was a Waterloo for the left. It’s not just the loss of the presidential contest. They’re still in the minority in the House and Senate. There are some 33 GOP governors, while only four states have a Democrat governor and state legislature. Out of the 99 state legislative bodies in America, 69 are Republican. In essence, the left got taken to the woodshed.

And what is their response? California Sen. Barbara Boxer wants the elimination of the electoral college — why of course the left does. After all, they want a popular vote in which California and New York can determine the presidency ad infinitum — oh yeah, aren’t those two states where mayors of some of the largest cities in America said they will remain sanctuary cities?

And who are the Democrats looking to take the reins of the DNC — Rep. Keith Ellison, head of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, someone with very questionable associations with Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups here in America. And even worse, these rascals are protesting the First Baptist Church of Dallas…by the same fella who organized the Dallas police protest where five DPD officers were killed.

Yep, the resistance has to be shut down, and they are not even waiting to rebuild the death star.

And here’s evidence of what they seek to do, just as after Obama’s 2010 midterm election shellacking, they unleashed the IRS against the constitutional conservative grassroots movement. They were having none of that jazz in 2012 for Obama’s reelection bid. And yes, they suppressed the Tea Party movement, which has struggled to recover. So now, what’s the immediate target of the left? As reported by International Business Times, On Tuesday Twitter announced it was rolling out new tools for reporting abuse on its network and later that day it suspended numerous “alt-right” accounts. Then Facebook came under fire after a report exposed it knew how to combat fake news articles, but did not tackle the problem for fear of conservative backlash. Facebook has since removed ads from fake news sites and a “rogue” team allegedly been put in place to take on fake news. Google, who was criticized for fake news filtering onto its front page, is also taking action to ensure more real reporting from credible outlets is highlighted. On the surface this news seems positive, but to some Donald Trump supporters this news means one thing: censorship. 

The announcements have sparked very active discussions on the most popular Trump subreddit, decrying the ongoing battle over fake news. Supporters, in a thread titled “WTF! WARNING! nazi GOOGLE and FACEBOOK will be making authoritarian decisions on which sites are “real news” sites. WE NEED TO EXPOSE THEM. THEY ARE JUST AS MUCH A THREAT IF NOT GREATER,” claimed Facebook and Google will go after conservative-leaning websites. 

“This should scare everyone. Google showed it was biased in this election they can’t be trusted to objectively make such decisions,” reddit user Cbird54 said on the most upvoted comment in the thread.

“As soon as I saw the article posted on r/worldnews with the title ‘Google and Facebook to ban fake news websites,’ I just KNEW that what they really mean is ‘we’re going to apply the politifact standard and arbitrarily ban right-wing websites while leaving slate and the daily beast untouched,’” ScottBlues wrote. 

In a now widely-circulated Google Doc, Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor of communication at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, has put together a list of “false, misleading, clickbait-y, and/or satirical ‘news’ sources.” 

Here’s a glimpse of some of the sites that have made the list… as of now.

The fake news list and document does have several conservative sites including Breitbart (whose CEO is now Trump’s chief strategist), The Blaze and Infowars but includes several liberal or progressive pages as well. Those “fake” liberal sites on the list include Occupy Democrats, Borowitz Report, Liberal American and many more.”

You can bet that AllenBWest is also at risk in this scenario, as a proud member of the alternative media.

Here’s my issue. Who determines what is a “fake” news site? And I find it very interesting that all of sudden the term “click-bait” was used by the left. So who are the folks who will be making these determinations? Have we come to the point in America where we are not able to decide our own healthcare, what foods we eat, what drinks we like, and now, what we want to read? Why can’t the American people decide what is fake? And folks can say they are also going after “progressive or liberal” pages…so what about Huffington Post, Mother Jones or Talking Points Memo? (Not to mention CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, CBS…) After all, would you not consider all the left-wing websites and news sources that touted Obamacare were pushing a fake story? Or how about those left wing sites that were pushing the Iranian nuclear agreement — take about fake, phony, fraudulent.

It’s simple, if folks don’t like, they will decide to not read these pages. Who are these fascists that will be making the determination as to what you can or cannot read America?

This is how the evil empire strikes back with its real targets being those conservative, right-leaning sites. Trust me, those lefty sites will be able to roll themselves up under some outlet that has been deemed, “not fake.” The left is angry; darn y’all for not reading their outlets, NY Times, Washington Post and all the other liberal progressive news outlets. They’re mad because Mark Levin has launched his conservative TV station, One America News is successful, and the venerable Fox News and the rising Fox Business News are crushing it.

So what must the left do? Use their willing allies at Google and Facebook to shut you down!

“Some people are asking which news sources I trust, and all I can say is that I read/watch/listen very widely, from mainstream, corporate owned sources (The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes) as well as The Atlantic , National Public Radio, and various local and alternative sources with different political perspectives, some of which are included on this list,” Zimdars said. “The problem: Even typically reliable sources, whether mainstream or alternative, corporate or nonprofit, rely on particular media frames to report stories and select stories based on different notions of newsworthiness. The best thing to do in our contemporary media environment is to read/watch/listen widely and often, and to be critical of the sources we share and engage with on social media.”

Google and Facebook have not identified which sites they will deem, or have deemed, as fake. 

The real question is, what gives them the right to make that determination? I always enjoy liberal progressive socialist hypocrisy…they are the first to ……

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It didn’t take long… Now they’re coming for US – Allen B. West –

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