Allen West: It pains me to say this about Israel, but it’s time

Allen West puts this quite elegantly. We need to stop fooling ourselves into believing there can ever be real peace in the middle east. It’s high time someone said it! If pure evil existed anyway, wouldn’t you say that’s where it is? We’re talking about Hamas here, people!

As Written By Allen B. West:

I’m sitting here in my room at the Perry Hotel in Petoskey, Michigan writing this. It’s a beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan and this is what those commercials talk about when they say, “Pure Michigan.” Tonight I’m addressing the Emmet County GOP executive Committee. This is my second time in this part of the country, and perhaps one day, Angela and I will have a summer home here. Speaking of summer, yesterday was the first day of summer, and it’s not just the weather that’s hot.

As I was traveling to Michigan, a Flint Police officer was the victim of an Islamic jihadist attack. Flint airport police officer Lt. Jeff Neville was savagely attacked by Canadian-born Amor Ftouhi who shouted “allahu akbar” as he drove a knife into Lt. Neville’s neck. Our thoughts and prayers go out for Lt. Neville’s recovery and blessings upon his family who must know that we’re all lifting them up in prayers at this time. I just have to ask this of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, is climate change to blame?

Also yesterday, President Trump dispatched his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to the Middle East to solve another “hot” issue — peace in the Middle East. But, let’s ask ourselves the honest question: can that goal be attained when we have a suit-wearing group of Islamic jihadists called Fatah and another group called Hamas in existence?

Need an example of the major obstruction to peace in the Middle East? How about this…

As reported by World Israel News, “The mother of the terrorist who murdered a young Israeli woman on Friday was also arrested in connection with the attack and regrets that her son didn’t kill 100 more Jews.

Israel Police on Wednesday arrested two people in connection with last Friday’s Palestinian terror attack in which Border Policewoman Staff Sgt. Hadas Malka was murdered at the Damascus Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City. One suspect is the mother of one of the terrorists. Police said the woman, a resident of the Palestinian village of Deir Abu Mash’al near Ramallah, where the terror cell was situated, was arrested on suspicion of forging contacts with the intent of committing a crime. She is also suspected of incitement related to recent statements lauding shahids [martyrs] and calling for the harming of Jews. 

“We will meet in heaven. I’m proud. I wanted him to kill 20, 50, 100 of them,” the Palestinian mother stated after the attack. Also on Wednesday, police arrested a resident of Issawiya, an Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem, on suspicion that he drove the terrorists to the site of the attack. He is suspected of knowing the terrorists’ intentions to carry out the attack but failing to report them.”

So, just how are we to achieve peace when the mindset of mothers is that they’re proud of their sons being jihadists. They’re proud and wished they could have killed more. And when we have a Fatah government that pays the families of Islamic jihadists, well, how far can, or will, this endeavor for peace go?

Let’s not forget the words of former Israeli PM Golda Meir, “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

My advice is that we drop this folly of believing there will be peace in the Middle East. This is a quixotic quest that will not happen until Fatah and Hamas are eradicated. It will not happen until there are no more programs on state-sponsored Palestinian Authority TV teaching children to hate and kill Jews. This is a foolish venture that will not have success until Hamas stops firing rockets into Israeli playgrounds. Not until they stop digging tunnels to go under schools…not until Hamas stops using their own children and people as human shields and storing ammunition in schools.

At some point in time we have to realize that we’re facing a pure form of evil. It’s an evil that would inspire someone to leave his home in Canada and randomly stab an airport police officer in the neck. It’s an evil that would inspire someone to strap on a bomb and kill little girls coming from a pop concert. It’s an evil that……..


It pains me to say this about Israel, but it’s time… – Allen B. West –

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