Allen West: Last week was horrible; but we have something EVEN BIGGER coming

We need not settle for what the new American Socialist Party of liars, traitors, race-baiters and radicals offers. We are Americans…we can do so much better…because after this week we realize that we too have a “rendezvous with destiny!”


As Written By Allen B. West:

As you know, one of my true loves is SEC college football and I’m counting the days until it returns. Y’all know I’m a big time Tennessee Volunteer and cannot wait to hear those famed words, “it’s football time in Tennessee,” made great by one John Ward. One of the things you look for in a football game is that pivotal moment, that play, drive, or decision that turns the tide of a game — shifts the momentum.

As I reflect on this past week, one of such horrific tragedy here in Dallas, I believe it was a pivotal week, a moment that may have a long term positive effect for our country, our beloved Constitutional Republic, America.

This week began with all of us preparing for that special American celebration, its 240th Independence Day. Think about that, this great nation, the beacon of liberty, freedom, and democracy has only been in existence for 240 years.

This is the land where the individual is sovereign and endowed with unalienable rights from the Creator — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Just imagine what we’ve achieved and accomplished since those 56 men pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor as they affixed their names to the document that established these United States of America — the Declaration of Independence.

But not even 24 hours after the great celebrations, the very foundation of our founding was cracked; severely.

We watched as the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation informed us that a former secretary of state had lied and placed our national security at risk, over her own personal and political gain. And worse, there were to be no consequences for such abhorrent behavior.

You have to ask, how did we go from those 56 selfless servants who established this Republic to such despicable character — actually, such lack of any standard of integrity and character. We learned this past Tuesday there’s a new elite, a group above our rule of law and basic decency. Yet, we saw the unfortunate standard-bearer of the behavior join with another who possesses the most disgusting behavior, one who has repeatedly lied to the American people. One who abandoned Americans to die in their dire hour — thirteen hours — of need, and lied to our nation and the families for political gain. Two people standing on a stage with the Great Seal of the Office of the President of the United States. They defiled that symbol.

In this week, we’ve witnessed the confirmation of a political party that has become a new American Socialist Party. They’ve become a party rooted in lies, traitorous actions, race-baiting; a party of radicals whose objective is to fundamentally transform this nation from that which we celebrated on Monday.

We know this party blocked legislation to protect Americans from being assaulted or killed by illegal immigrants. We know this party eschewed our national sovereignty in favor of the establishment of sanctuary cities that take law abiding taxpayer dollars to shield those here illegally. How could it be that the sacrifices of those 56 men, and the lives lost in order for this nation to gain its independence, be so reprehensible to this party that they feel American pride and exceptionalism are cancerous and xenophobic?

Here in Dallas we’ve suffered the horrible experience of having five law enforcement officers gunned down because of the irresponsible rhetoric and purposeful fomenting of racial unrest. Those who take an oath to safeguard our domestic tranquility are now demonized and targeted.

Let’s be honest, there are bad individuals in the world — bad cops, bad Soldiers, bad lawyers, bad doctors, bad bankers, lots of bad politicians and bad actors, but we do not denigrate an entire group.

Yet, when we have Americans killed in the second largest Islamic terror attack — this party says nothing about the horrific ideology that motivates these actions, but instead focuses on its own insidious agenda. When we have the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9-11, it’s not about the ideology, the flames fueled and fanned by lies and wrongful emotional statements — such as by the president – but it’s again all about the tool, the instrument. Since 2009, it has always been about eroding the reputation and delegitimizing our law enforcement officers — beginning with “the police acted stupidly.”

Monday we celebrated 240 years of American independence — yet these people are hell bent on DEpendence and the expansion of a welfare nanny-state. They scream about “free” and use divisive language to stoke the fires of class warfare.

How soon could it be before we find certain hardworking and successful Americans ambushed just as the progressive socialist left has inspired the ….

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Last week was horrible; but we have something EVEN BIGGER coming… – Allen B. West –

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