Allen West: Liberals are going to FREAK over what’s on Trump’s chopping block

As Written By Allen B. West:

Well, I could spend time talking about Barack Obama’s comments in Greece and Germany — exactly what is “crude nationalism?” And what kind of president dismisses violent protests on our streets, basically giving these radicals cover? I don’t recall anyone burning cars and destroying property over Obama’s election or reelection.

I could speak about one Colin Kaepernick, whom we now know wasn’t even registered to vote. And how about the new American Socialist Party now condemning America as a racist white nationalist country, all because they lost on November 8th? Funny thing, there are many counties that voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, but switched to vote for Trump in 2016. Wow, those folks, according to the liberal progressive socialists, all of a sudden became racists. Ain’t it a daisy? When America voted for Obama it was cool, but when America came to its senses and voted against the failing policies and rejected identity politics of corruption, cronyism, and elitism — now you’re racist.

We had a saying in the military: “when your enemy is digging themselves a hole, keep giving them shovels.” I say let the liberal progressive leftists keep it up; they’re just demonstrating who they are. And if the left and their media accomplices are so delusional and disconnected to believe that all of a sudden America is going to say…aww, we’ll give you back power, they’re stuck on stupid

As a matter of fact, if they think standing up for criminal illegal aliens and sanctuary cities is a winning issue, that IS a special kind of stupid! So keep calling folks demeaning, denigrating, disparaging names and you’re going to find out more counties will turn from blue to red in America.

And if you think for one minute, Americans are going to surrender to California and New York picking our presidents based on overwhelming urban center population, you’re nuts — that’s why the Founding Fathers implemented the Electoral College. We don’t have a pure democracy, because they realized how dangerous that could be. Instead, we have a Constitutional Republic, with a representative democracy, and the left just found out the folks who’re told they don’t matter — you know, the “flyover states”…they do matter.

So, what was this election really all about? It was about a failing economy and the promise of growth, opportunity, and restoration of individual prosperity.While the liberal media is busy running insidious, fake stories about Steve Bannon or freaking out about Trump going to a steakhouse in public for a family meal, this is what really what matters, as reported by Washington Examiner,“Nearly 50 massive and costly regulations that cost Americans and businesses 53 million more hours filing paperwork and that have already put a $42 billion hit on the U.S. economy are being teed up for President-elect Trump to cut in his first weeks in office. 

Congressional officials and anti-regulation groups are tallying up some of the regulations the new president can eliminate under House and Senate rules. The American Action Forum has a complete list of 48 regulations that can be targeted under the Congressional Review Act. “Utilizing the CRA, Congress and President Trump could potentially repeal at least 48 major regulations with, at a minimum, total regulatory costs of more than $42 billion and 53 million hours of paperwork,” the group said in a report provided to Secrets.

Authors Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy, and analyst Dan Goldbeck focused on a handful of costly regulations conservatives are ready to cut when Trump comes into office. “Republicans have the opportunity to enact regulatory reform on a scale not witnessed since President Reagan. CRA disapproval resolutions seem poised to be a significant part of those plans. Although it is unlikely that Congress will cash in all its political capital to this end, several high-profile major rules – and their sizable burdens – could go by the wayside in 2017,” said the duo.”

While the left, and Barack Obama, are continuing with the same old tired narrative, calling folks names and denying reality, the real work of economic recovery and growth is beginning.

The Trump administration has an incredible opportunity, not a mandate. The mandate will come for a President Trump at his first midterm election. If Trump maintains the House and Senate majorities, and perhaps even gains seats, then he has a mandate.

He will have a tailwind carrying him right into reelection in four years. The Democrats of course will still be pouting and calling folks names, but if we start to experience the 4 to 5 percent economic growth, and I mean real GDP growth, not this abysmal and anemic 2 percent stuff, the American people will respond, positively.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane for the Democrats. Remember Bill Clinton’s victory in 1992? What was his immediate objective? Yep, healthcare, namely “Hillarycare.” Ol’ Bill thought he had a “mandate” to do all that crazy leftist progressive social agenda stuff — remember 1994? Yes, that was when he got bushwhacked and the GOP took control of the House and Senate aided by the “Contract with America.” By 1996 President Bill Clinton was saying the “era of big government is over.”

He discarded the intransigent leftist ideology and worked with the GOP to balance the budget, create a surplus, reduce the size and scope of government, and implement welfare reform. That is what happens when conservatives, even without having the White House, force a conservative legislative policy agenda. Barack Obama thought he had a mandate in 2009, and pursued healthcare reform known as Obamacare. He refused to work with Republicans who were in the minority, and Obamacare passed in 2010 with ZERO GOP support. What happened to Obama in the 2010 midterm elections? The greatest loss of House seats in U.S. history. Obama won reelection in 2012, but got taken to the woodshed again in 2014 losing the Senate…he never got the House back.

If Donald Trump focuses, as he promised in the campaign, to work on economic growth, he will be giving the American people what they voted for…and if successful, bye-bye progressive socialists. Keep calling folks names, rioting in the streets, castigating America as a racist nation, disrespecting our …..

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Liberals FREAK over what’s on Trump’s chopping block – Allen B. West –

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