Allen West “Man, I’m in TROUBLE now”

One thing for certain: if this is allowed to permeate and control our political system and discourse, we will all find ourselves silenced — or heavily fined…if not jailed.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Man, what a great time at St. Louis University. Fantastic folks, and the school put on a nice event — special hat tip to the young people of the College Republicans who held their ground. Appreciation to the university special events staff and the campus public safety officers, many former military. And to all of those who stayed at the event, much obliged for allowing this ol’ Paratrooper an opportunity to share with you. And to those kids who decided to run off to a “safe space,” thanks for the cupcake, it was moist and tasty! I donated a $20 spot to them for the Syrian refugees.

So, back in my hotel room, relaxing, repacked for my trip to NYC today, and what do I see in my evening reading? As reported over at by Bruce Cornibe: Many people have heard the popular Biblical verse, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil…” but apparently for Islamists like the Hamas linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) all evil stems from ‘Islamophobia.’ 

As we have seen from the ‘Islamophobia’ report released this past summer by CAIR and UC Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender– not only is the ‘Islamophobia’ narrative an attempt to silence criticism of Islam but also their pseudo definition of ‘Islamophobia’ includes rational fears (“real Muslim threat”). Therefore, national security policies that seek to counter jihadi Muslims from slaughtering innocent American civilians could be considered Islamophobic under their definition. 

With this all-inclusive definition which contradicts what a phobia really is, an irrational fear, it’s pretty easy to label just about anything Islamophobic. Furthermore, this allows ‘Islamophobia’ to be linked with just about anything Islamists or their sympathizers perceive as against Islam or bad in general. This is how ‘academics’ like Goleen Samari, a postdoctoral research fellow, can connect ‘Islamophobia’ to things such as health issues. This is why she wants ‘Islamophobia’ to be treated “as a public health issue.” Yes, you heard correct, and it seems like CAIR is on board with the idea too (tweet below).

“Samari’s rationale for this linkage of ‘Islamophobia’ to public health is explained in an excerpt in her article published in The Dallas Morning News

…Structural forms of discrimination, forms such as media coverage or political campaigns that call for a ban on Muslims, help normalize discriminatory attitudes and create the institutional system of discrimination. 

A system of discrimination can lead to differential access to fundamental determinants of health such as education and employment. Moreover, when people are targeted based on their identity, the persistent exposure to discrimination has a pervasive, negative effect on health. Being a victim of Islamophobia can be traumatizing, with severe and lasting health impacts. 

Members of stigmatized groups have greater stress, strained social relationships and unequal access to resources or medical care. Social marginalization increases the physiological response to stress. Discrimination against Muslim Americans has been linked to paranoia, psychological distress and reduced happiness as well as high cholesterol, obesity and other health problems. 

So, essentially what she is saying is that factors like news clips showing the threat of Islamic jihad in the media and Donald Trump immigration speeches are contributing to the actual physical, psychological and mental health of Muslims. Wow.

Man, I am in trouble now. Based upon Ms. Samari’s assertion, those kids who walked out of the speaking event last night and ate too many cupcakes could actually sue me for giving them a tummy ache, a health issue. OK, I’m being totally facetious, or should we be? It’s rather disconcerting that folks are employing any means possible to shut down and silence opposing speech and viewpoints. This is why UN Resolution 16/18, as put forth by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), is cause for concern. Now, having an organization such as CAIR — unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Islamic terrorism funding trial — embracing this idea is REALLY cause for concern. In other words, Ms. Samari is offering a solution that hurt feelings can lead to some illness and that constitutes a public health issue.

Now, first of all, let’s understand that it was CAIR and other like enablers, who created the term “Islamophobia,” and as Cornibe states above, it contradicts the real meaning of “phobia” — which comes from the Greek word and god Phobos. It relates to irrational fear, a fear of that which is unknown. When folks react to actual events that cause rational fear — kinda like nine Americans being stabbed at the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota — addressing that is not creating a public health issue; it is stating and addressing reality.

But I have a question: if Iraqis who are killed during an ISIS suicide bombing attack blame ISIS and report this as a barbaric attack perpetrated by Islamic terrorists — then does “Islamophobia” apply? If the Kurds state they wish to kill all Islamic jihadists, does that constitute a public health issue? C’mon, do y’all see where this is going? Just wait for all the lawsuits blaming folks for illness, or maybe even loss of employment, because of some reaction to a statement, creating a “phobia.” How in God’s name did we get to this point? It’s as if there are folks who will say their going into their “safe space” develops mental anguish.

Here we just had the United Nations issue a report that …..

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Man, I’m in TROUBLE now… – Allen B. West –

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