Allen West “Media Silent as these two men dare to oppose the Democrat machine”

Written by Allen West

This is another one of those stories you won’t find widely reported. It was briefly covered on Fox News and my attempts to track down written reports were laborious and the results thin. Why the radio silence? Because it goes completely against the narrative.

However, the Washington Examiner did report that two longtime Chicago Democrats – both minorities – are throwing their support behind the Republican candidate for governor, Bruce Rauner. How’s that for an “in your face?”

James Meeks, a former State Senator and currently Senior Pastor of Chicago’s Salem Baptist megachurch has decided to support Rauner rather than Democrat Governor Pat Quinn. As well, attorney Manny Sanchez, who helped lead President Obama’s outreach campaign among Latinos is jumping ship to support Rauner.

Can you imagine the courage of these two well-connected men, both minorities, in shifting away from the Illinois Democrat machine? You just know they’re taking their lives into their own hands – and this being Chicago, we’re not just talking political lives. After all, this is the home of the original liberal progressive socialist radical, Saul Alinksy — and his star pupil, Barack Hussein Obama. How long do you think it took before Rev. Meeks got the call from ol’ Barry Hussein?



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