Allen West Message to the FBI “Don’t blow sunshine up my butt on this!”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, is a key component of the Department of Justice. Justice is the key word in this article. Is there a special set of rules for the “deplorables,” and another set of rules for the Hillary Clinton elites? When you look at the disciple meted out to a regular guy and see an eliteist get a buy, one must wonder.

As Written By Allen B. West:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a component of the U.S. Department of Justice, the key word being justice. However, we must begin to ask ourselves, if we’re honest, are there two definitions of justice in America? And I’m not talking about the politicized progressive socialist “social justice” rhetoric. I’m referring to a simple understanding of the rule of law, and the blind prosecution of those who violate it. That doesn’t seem to be the case, and when gazing upon Washington DC and the FBI, it appears the swamp wins again.

As reported by, “…the FBI has denied a Freedom of Information Act request seeking a series of emails belonging to former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In their rejection of the request, the FBI cited a “lack of public interest” for their decision.”

A lack of public interest? Like the American people, other than the chuckleheads at liberal progressive media outlets, are interested in “Russian collusion?” Let me understand something, Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State of the United States and somehow her emails, which are the property of the American people, are deemed to not be of “public interest?”

How can it be that a government official can destroy tens of thousands of emails, computer hard drives, and communications equipment and… well, it’s just fine? I suppose the new normal is that everyone with a top level security clearance can just have a non-secure computer server in their personal residence and transmit classified information from the government of the United States, on said server?

Doggone, why did I have to undergo all those annual handling of classified information briefings and sign forms of responsibility for those years in the Army? Oops, forgot, justice is different for “deplorables” and those not part of the American elite class.

Heck, our former president can openly admit to a Russian that he’ll have more “flexibility” after reelection…and that’s not deemed collusion, or questioned. That someone can conduct a uranium deal with Russians and get personal financial benefit…and that’s not collusion and isn’t to be questioned. We have individuals who abandoned Americans to die and then lied about it, but don’t question that as a matter of fact, according to some, this is also “not of public interest.” No, it’s just not in the interest of those elites who sneer and look down their noses at the common American serf.

Just look at the elites showing such utter disdain towards the people of Texas and their suffering from Harvey. We’ve seen the cartoons from Politico and France’s Charlie Hebdo, along with the insidious and disgusting claims by the progressive socialist left seeking to leverage Harvey as a case for climate change. And let’s not forget the University of Tampa professor who tweeted that this was “karma” for the people in Texas for voting for Donald Trump. At least he did get justice by getting fired, but some liberal institution will hire him and welcome him with open arms. And by the way, just a little factoid, Harris County (Houston) voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.

We must realize that anyone who committed one-tenth of the actions of Hillary Clinton would be charged, tried, and sentenced. How can we live in a country where there are two levels of justice? And I haven’t even brought up Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her obstruction of justice in the case of her IT worker who made millions of dollars in taxpayer funds, and sought to withhold computer hardware that does not belong to her, but the American people, our government. Then again, I suppose there’s a “lack of public interest.”

Who are the people at the FBI making this determination? It’s just the same as we watched former FBI Director James Comey make a determination in the case of Hillary Clinton that was outside his scope of duties. Where is the special prosecutor looking into the conversations of Bill Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, secretly on a tarmac in Arizona? Where was the special prosecutor for Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and Hillary Clinton’s uranium deal with Russia? Where is a special prosecutor looking into who is funding the black-clad domestic terrorist organization Antifa?

Don’t try and blow sunshine up my butt and tell me they’re not a subversive organization enacting violence and destroying property…masked and hooded thugs are not allowed in America.

Then again, the Democrat Party started one hooded and masked group previously: they wore white, looks like they just changed colors, but the objective is still coercion, intimidation, and violence. Somehow I suppose investigating Antifa “lacks public interest?”

Justice is no longer blind; it peeks out to see who’s being investigated and if they’re part of the elite class, they get a pass. All the time, those not belonging to ……..


Message to FBI: Don’t blow sunshine up my butt about this… – Allen B. West –

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