Allen West: More BLOOD on Hillary’s Hands

President Obama and Hillary Clinton, we know by the way of your rhetoric, actions and policies that you care little to nothing about those who’ve truly suffered.

As Written By Allen B. West:

We recently shared here the astonishing and absurd story about a British woman who thought she had a 12-year-old foster kid from Afghanistan — who turned out to be a 21-year-old Islamic jihadi, Taliban flavor.

How many “Syrian refugees” have been discovered to be jihadists in Europe? The most recent story we shared was about the chap in Leipzig, Germany who was making bombs. And don’t get me started on the consequences of the Somali refugee flood now rampant in Minnesota with grave results for the United States…like nine people stabbed in a mall in St. Cloud. But Obama has celebrated his tens of thousands of Syrian refugees by wanting hundreds of thousands — along with Hillary Clinton. There are communities like Amarillo, Texas being overrun. But I have a question for Obama and Hillary Clinton: what about the Middle Eastern Christians who you both allowed to be savaged by your hand in enabling the creation of the Islamic State?

Remember, prior to ISIS, there had always been Christians and church bells that rang out in Mosul…not anymore. And it appears that may be the case forever.

As reported by the Washington Post, “At the evening service, the priest counseled forgiveness to a congregation with little reason to forgive. They were Christians from Mosul, brutalized by the Islamic State and betrayed, in some cases, by neighbors, and nothing — not the priest’s pleas, not his invocation of Cain and Abel — seemed likely to heal those scars.

Khalid Ramzi, a congregant, seemed to choke on the sermon. “We can’t fall into the same hole twice. We don’t want our children to be raised in violence and fear,” he said, standing outside the church in Irbil. “Only in our dreams can we go back to Mosul.”

When the militants swept into the city two years ago, Christians were ordered to convert, pay a tax or die. As the Islamic State pushed beyond the city, onto the plains of Nineveh, its advance scattered the rich patchwork of religious and ethnic minorities — Yazidis and Assyrians, Kurds and Shabaks — that made the area a microcosm of diverse Iraq and a place unlike perhaps any in the world. Churches were torched. Yazidis were massacred or enslaved. Villages emptied as hundreds of thousands of people fled. Iraqi forces advancing toward Mosul have recaptured some of the villages, raising the possibility of return for the minorities. But it is difficult to imagine the villages whole again, with their emptied streets and houses lying in ruin or despoiled by the militants.”

So why, why did Western leaders turn their backs on these people, Middle Eastern Christians who existed long before the scourge of one named Mohammad was unleashed? These are their ancestral and historic lands, and now they lie in ruin thanks to the jayvee team — you know, those fellas that two years ago Barack Obama chided us by saying, “let me make myself clear, ISIS (he prefers ISIL, another example of disrespect to Israel) is not Islamic.”

So Mr. President, our “Islamist sympathizer,” what are they? Who are these barbaric savages who demand Christians and other religious minorities convert, pay a tax, or die? And let’s stop kidding ourselves, that is part of the Hadiths, the traditions of Mohammed that have been consistently implemented in all the lands where Muslim armies throughout history have conquered. Heck, it was evident in St. Cloud, Minnesota where the Islamic jihadist assailant queried Americans on whether they were Muslim or not — and proceeded to stab them with the wrong response…talk about a religious litmus test.

Now, rest assured, bringing up these points will truly endear me to the Islamapologists such as those I encountered at St. Louis University. And to think, when Christians just ask respect for their religious faith and belief, their First Amendment right, they’re condemned and assailed by the state by way of financial terrorism, and castigated as being the provocateurs of hate. Funny, the St. Louis University president referred to me as a “provocateur.” Yet, any dissent at allowing military-aged Muslim males into our nation is met with denigration and rage…why?

I have many great friends who are Assyrian, Chaldean and Copts and they tell me these Middle Eastern Christians are vetted, and many have families here in America and other Western nations…why are we closing our arms to them? Why aren’t we embracing them and welcoming them to our shores? They certainly are able to come and assimilate into our Judeo-Christian culture and not be drains on the social welfare system of America.

It doesn’t make sense, if you’re looking at this sensibly. However, if you’re sympathetic to the Islamist cause and their infiltration into the West, enabling our downfall…then it all makes sense.

What is it that the progressive socialist left and their radical secular humanist allies find so very enticing about the Trojan Horse of islamo-fascism and jihadism? Why has the left allied itself with an enemy determined to destroy the very freedoms that liberal democratic states has fought for to advance individual liberty? How have we gotten to this point where Christian pastors and ministers are having their sermons subpoenaed; yet Muslim clerics, imams, and mullahs preaching hatred and the undermining of our Constitutional Republic cannot be touched? As a matter of fact, speak out and the U.S. attorney general will prosecute you.

There is no good answer for those from the left, and they know it. It’s up to us, to stand at the gates of Vienna and defend Western civilization but as well, the Judeo-Christian faith heritage. Just remember if you may, Pope Urban II called for the Crusades back in 1095 because of Muslim attacks on Christians in the Holy Land. Christians are being driven from their homes, forced to live in refugee camps — they cannot be in camps with Muslims for fear of attacks, attacked by Muslims, but the leaders of the West are more concerned about the faux cause of “Islamophobia” rather than the real victims of Islamo-fascism — the ancient and historic Christian communities of ….

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MORE blood on her hands… – Allen B. West –

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