Allen West: Mr. President, I sure wish you’d tweet THIS

No one has ever had access to social media to the likes of what President Trump has and uses. Sometimes the President of the United States has Tweeted things that were very distracting. It has certainly been a novelty. This may be planned and part of his design. Some of us feel that he should seriously tune out the static and get his message out. 

As Written By Allen B. West:

There can be no doubt about the all-out assault against the Trump administration. I don’t think any of us have truly witnessed anything like this in modern American politics. But, what is the best antidote against the vitriol and constant attacks, including violence? The best counter is to enact President Trump’s vision and policy agenda, and do it with precision-like discipline and professionalism.

And yesterday, was a great example.

As reported by Reuters, “President Donald Trump signed a revised executive order on Monday banning citizens from six Muslim-majority nations from traveling to the United States but removing Iraq from the list, after his controversial first attempt was blocked in the courts. 

The new order, which takes effect on March 16, keeps a 90-day ban on travel to the United States by citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. It applies only to new visa applicants, meaning some 60,000 people whose visas were revoked under the previous order will now be permitted to enter. 

Immigration advocates said the new ban still discriminated against Muslims and failed to address some of their concerns with the previous order. Legal experts said it would, however, be harder to challenge because it affects fewer people living in the United States and allows more exemptions to protect them. 

Trump, who first proposed a temporary travel ban on Muslims during his presidential campaign last year, had said his original Jan. 27 executive order was a national security measure meant to head off attacks by Islamist militants.  It sparked chaos and protests at airports, where visa holders were detained and later deported back to their home countries. It also drew criticism from targeted countries, Western allies and some of America’s leading corporations before a U.S. judge suspended it on Feb. 3. 

“As threats to our security continue to evolve and change, common sense dictates that we continually re-evaluate and reassess the systems we rely upon to protect our country,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters after Trump signed the new order. 

Democrats, a minority in Congress, quickly signaled fierce opposition to what they called a discriminatory ban. “The Trump administration’s repackaging has done nothing to change the immoral, unconstitutional and dangerous goals of their Muslim and refugee ban,” House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, a civil rights group in Washington, said the Trump administration had “doubled down on anti-Muslim bigotry.”

First of all, this is how these matters should be handled. Yesterday we saw three Trump cabinet members — the secretaries of State and Homeland Security, along with the Attorney General take the stand and explain this executive order. This was how it should have been done the first time. Leadership is not about being sloppy and impulsive.

Most telling was hearing the U.S. Attorney General, the heavily-assailed Jeff Sessions, articulate that the FBI is currently investigating some 300 refugees for ties to Islamic jihadism.

Let me repeat that: 300 refugees are in America and are under FBI investigation for ties to Islamic terrorism. Shall I remind y’all it took only 19 to kill 3,000 Americans on 9-11? And shall I remind you that they were here on student visas with no system, process, and procedure tracking their delinquency?

As well, we came to find out that Anwar al-Awlaki had contact with those perpetuators of violence against the American people. Need I remind y’all — especially YOU Ms. Pelosi — that it was in your home state of California where a female Islamic jihadist gained entry into the United States by falsifying her address on the fiancee’ visa application? That resulted in the deaths of 14 Californians — Americans — and another 21 victims who will be scarred for life. So, Ms. Pelosi, freaking explain to those families what exactly is immoral?

And to Farhana Khera, do you think it’s kosher to have 300 refugees in our country — that is if you consider this country yours — who are being investigated for Islamic terrorism? I mean seriously, do you really think countries like Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen, all of which are either state sponsors of Islamic terrorism, failed states, or Islamic jihadist sanctuaries should have free access to enter our country?

Maybe it’s you, Farhana, who possesses bigotry — an anti-American bigotry. I hate to remind the two of you that it’s a privilege to enter the United States, not a doggone right.

And if there’s one thing for which the federal government is responsible, it’s our safety and security. Sadly, for the progressive socialist left, who is aligned with the Islamo-fascists, their goal is not the security of our Constitutional Republic and its citizens. Their goal is a fundamental transformation, and tragically the liberal progressives don’t realize theirs is an unholy alliance with those who will slit their throats when opportunity arises.

The best way for President Trump to silence the liberal progressive left and their legions of flying monkeys is to enact his policy agenda.

Last Tuesday, President Trump delivered a spectacular address to a joint session of Congress — we shared our assessment with y’all. He completely embarrassed the Democrats who were in that chamber, the People’s House. They had no other recourse but to shift the narrative, hence they resurrected that dead beaten horse called Russia. What President Trump should have replied (tweeted) with is this, “I have no time for the insidious, petulant, petty, and immature whining of the Democrat party. We are embarking upon an agenda to MAGA.”

President Trump doesn’t need to send out tweets about wiretapping. He needs to tweet out his vision, his direction and convey to the American people the road map to the restoration of our Republic for which he was elected.

The best means to respond to Barack Obama is to ensure his presidential library is a museum, a place where his acclaimed “accomplishments” no longer exist, like the caveman.

President Trump needs to drain that swamp and eradicate the existence of any Obama administration holdovers in his administration and send a clear message.

As the president of the United States, it is beneath him to engage a former failure. Let me explain to President Trump: President Ronald Reagan never engaged his predecessor; he just evidenced his failure and eliminated any policy memory of him…and in doing so won every single state save one in….


Mr. President, I sure wish you’d tweet THIS… – Allen B. West –

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