Allen West “Mr. President, if we do not accept the premise the enemy puts forward — we will lose!”

by Allen West via Facebook

Listening to the president of the United States waiting for a definitive strategy that we will counter violent extremism — what did I get right off? More moral equivalency. More sentiment shown about the three Muslim students killed by a nut in Chapel Hill NC, than identifying the savage barbarians who in the past 72 hours or so, beheaded twenty one Christians and burned alive forty-five. The enemy hears more words, rhetoric, speeches…that is all, takes time as President Obama said, we will eventually prevail. But how? Calling on the United Nations, International Community to take on the scourge of violent extremism.

Sadly, once again, he just cannot bring himself to see this enemy as they see themselves. He states there is no profile and again he went back to the moral equivalency position. And we got another lecture as to how Obama sees the enemy. Well, I hate to inform him, his perspective does not matter. And if we do not accept the premise they put forward — we will lose. They are Mr. President religious leaders and they are at war with us — regardless of your assertions.

Ladies and gents, this is no different than Sir Neville Chamberlain waving a piece of paper declaring there will be peace in our time. Sadly, so, I put the TV on mute — the only sounds I hear are the laughing and cheers coming from the Islamic jihadists. (ISIS)


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