Allen West ‘My PRIMARY concern with 24 days left to go’

Here’s yet another critical issue we should be discussing in the election cycle — nah, it’s not salacious and sensational enough.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Yesterday we shared with you the House Homeland Security Committee October Terrorist Threat report, which should have caused you concern. What’s especially unnerving is that due to the antics of this presidential election cycle, we hear nothing about these issues and solutions; you can’t just use two minutes to articulate policy solutions for our national security.

Today we want to share with you a report from the Senate Homeland Security Committee that evidences, contrary to Sen. Harry Reid, our border is not secure.

As reported by the Washington ExaminerDespite a $100 billion investment in strengthening the U.S.-Mexico border, there are vast areas in the southwest where 95 percent of illegal immigrants and drugs are entering without a single U.S. official noticing, according to a new Senate report.

“Our borders are unsecure,” said the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs report from Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Republican, who pushed through border reforms and is calling for more. 

The report is a sweeping review of the committee’s actions and findings this year, and it portrays a border in crisis. 

A key problem is the freedom illegals still have to pass through despite years of spending to build a wall and install detections.

“Despite spending more than $100 billion over the last decade to fund security measures along the borders, our borders remain unsecure. Interdiction rates on the border are below 55 percent, and as low as 30 to 40 percent in some areas. In unfenced areas — approximately two-thirds of the southwest border — interdiction rates may be as low as 5 percent,” said the report released Thursday. 

Just last month, Johnson revealed that 15,000 illegals were apprehended on the southern border, a doubling of those caught in 2014 when illegal immigration hit its peak. In a letter to the Department of Homeland Security demanding action, Johnson said, “Despite the shocking nature of this growing crisis, the administration does not seem to be taking it seriously.”

With such freedom to pass into the United States, drugs are also a major issue, as is the country’s demand and desire for them. Johnson’s report portrayed a border where drugs pass through virtually undetected. He said that the U.S. Coast Guard does a better job of drug interdiction, but the success rate is still very low.

I know there are many who feel the “war on drugs” needs to be ended. Then we also have people who scream about drug overdoses and the seriousness of drug usage in America, with drugs like heroin on the rise. So we need to ask ourselves, which do we prefer? Do we have no issue with open borders where drugs flow freely into our Country and kill future generations of Americans? Or is this just about more government programs for drug addictions? It would appear to me that we can’t have this both ways, and for me, my preferred solution is to stem the flow of drugs into the United States.

It does seem that on water, which is a border, our US Coast Guard is doing a heroic job of interdiction; however, we have gaps on land where we’re being exploited. So many cringe at the hint of building a security barrier, wall, call it what you like, but it’s something the federal government was supposed to have done, going back to 1986 with President Ronald Reagan, but it’s failed to do it.

Border security is not about hurt feelings, xenophobia or political correctness. Border security is a very important mandate for the federal government — much more so than expansion of the welfare state. If we are a constitutional republic, we have a sovereign border that MUST be secured. However, we’ve allowed certain special interest groups to demonize any solutions that lead to protecting our very soft underbelly, the southern border. This goes beyond just the issue of illegal immigrants, drugs and other violations of our national sovereignty. This has immense ramifications for our general national security. Yesterday we showed you the charts that portray the domestic Islamic terrorism problem we have in this Nation. Previously we shared with you the intelligence assessment of the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) J2 (Intelligence Officer) that stated the issue of sunni Islamic jihadist infiltration into the United States via our porous southern border.

If there’s an area where 95% of drugs and illegals are entering without detection, in this era of proliferation of Islamic jihadism, guess who’s also coming across those areas? And we know the US Border Patrol tries to track these individuals using a classification of OTMs (Other than Mexicans) to address those illegally seeking to enter the United States emanating from countries with Islamic terrorist issues and sanctuaries.

Yet again, we have those who instead of dealing with this issue, deflect using obfuscation, denial and outright lies — placing the safety and security of Americans at risk. And again, is there any wonder Americans take their Second Amendment right so very seriously? And is there any doubt that with 24 days to go until our presidential election, with revelations from the Hillary Clinton campaign manager that she’ll use executive order to restrict law-abiding legal gun ownership, that gun stocks and sales are off the charts.

And here’s the correlation no one wants to make. The drug cartels in Mexico are more than willing to smuggle Islamic terrorist cells into America. The only thing they care about is getting paid. If we do not tackle the issue of TNCOs (Trans-National Criminal Organizations), who are being enriched by our insatiable appetite for drugs in America, they will continue to thrive and support the enemies of our State to infiltrate — after all, who knows the infiltration routes better? And I just don’t believe Mexico is capable, or willing, to go full bore and shut down these cartels.

Our federal government is failing us. Hey, if we want a model to implement for border security and illegal immigration, let’s just adopt ….

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With 24 days to go, THIS should be our PRIMARY concern… – Allen B. West –

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