Allen West @NCPA |Obama’s allegiance: warnings about ISIS rise were ignored

Commentary by Allen B. West

January 07, 2015

Source: Accuracy In Media

In the last year or so, we’ve seen our military might decimated by budget cuts, pink slips sent to troops while they’re on the battlefield and scores of generals fired, while military leadership deals with how best to integrate LGBT troops, makes sure no one is offended by nativity scenes in the chow hall, and worries about beards. In the meantime, the radical Islamists of ISIS make millions in oil dollars, slaughter, rape and pillage, and grow ever stronger.

When I’m out traveling the country, people often ask me why our Commander-in-Chief would do these things? It’s a nagging question with two possible answers, and neither are palatable.

Nonetheless, stories like this keep begging the question: whose side is he on?

As reported by, “Two months before Mosul and other cities in northern Iraq fell to the Islamic State last June, representatives of a Syrian rebel group called on the new U.S. special envoy for Syria with an outline of a plan to stop the extremists.”


That nagging question about Obama’s allegiance: warnings about ISIS rise were ignored | NCPA.

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