Allen West: Nine words that PERFECTLY sum up the healthcare vote

Former Congressman Allen West has his own viewpoint about the House health care vote that did not occur. As he sees it: it is a tactical defeat but a strategic victory.  You have to understand where the blame for this will fall later this year. Obamacare is the albtross that is now hung around the neck of the Democrat party. 

As Written By Allen B. West:

Good day, folks!

Yes, I know, everyone wants to talk about the GOP healthcare plan being rescinded from House floor vote yesterday. Simple, here is my assessment: it is a tactical defeat but a strategic victory.

Yes, the progressive socialists are rejoicing about Obamacare staying around and that the GOP seems to be organizing their normal “circular firing squad.” Without a doubt, the House GOP went down their normal path of crafting something few could understand, and was just too bogged down in policy “wonkishness” and procedural gimmicks. Here we are into the third week of March, and something the GOP had been promising to wipe clean and replace for the past seven years faltered.

Now, many are demonizing and castigating the House Freedom Caucus as obstructionists, but these folks could just end up being saviors of the GOP. Strategically, when Americans open up their health insurance premium statements in October this year and find another increase…only one group of folks are responsible. That would be Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the gang that cannot shoot straight. And I just have to ask, who in Connecticut keeps voting for Rosa DeLauro?

Look, let’s be honest, understanding the 24/7 news cycle, this thing called a “healthcare debacle” will be forgotten in a week. However, the cancer on our healthcare system called Obamacare continues to metastasize. And, it will linger and continue to be news, and reported upon.

The House GOP must now produce a strong, viable economic growth tax reform plan that also deals with spending reform for the federal government. And, guess what? Part of tax reform needs to be eliminating the 20 new Obamacare taxes! We know that the individual and employer mandates of Obamacare are, in essence, taxes.

Remember, early on in our fight for independence, we had many tactical defeats…but 241 years later, we live in the greatest Nation the world has ever known. Strategically, the House Freedom Caucus will end up being seen as the Minutemen of Lexington Green.

But, may I close on a very positive note? I drove down to Houston to be with dear friends, the Mosing Brothers, Greg and Keith, along with their awesome wives, Donna and Alice to attend the 24th Annual Kickstart Kids “Heroes Among Us” gala for the third year.

Legendary American treasure and hero, Chuck Norris, and his wife Gena, started a movement twenty-four years ago called “Kick Drugs out of America.” The theme of Kickstart Kids is ‘Character through Karate,’ and its mission is to develop these critical character traits in our children: loyalty, courage, discipline, respect, dedication, kindness, and……..


Nine words that PERFECTLY sum up the healthcare vote… – Allen B. West –

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