Allen West: Now, Mr. Khan, please tell me where you stand on THIS

The inconvenient truth is that for ISIS and the Democrat party, my being a black Christian Conservative makes me their ultimate enemy. Y’all bring it, because I’m not giving up my my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, nor my love of this Constitutional Republic, America. Read more ….

As Written By Allen B. West:

There are two big topics in America at this moment, one being the kerfluffle about the Khan Family, and the other, Black Lives Matter. Well, there is an interesting intersection that affects both of these entities and one has to ask, what is their response?

As reported by

In a bizarre digression from their latest anti-Christian tirade, the Islamic State addressed the question of black slavery, claiming that if Muslims had been in charge of Western states, the slave trade would have continued. 

If Muslims rather than Christians had been running things in countries like the U.S., the Islamic State argues in the most recent issue of its propaganda magazine Dabiq, “the lucrative African slave trade would have continued, supporting a strong economy.” 

As usual, the Islamic State supports its position with theological arguments, suggesting that Allah is pleased with slavery, as long as the slaves are infidels. 

“The Islamic leadership would not have bypassed Allah’s permission to sell captured pagan humans, to teach them, and to convert them, as they worked hard for their masters in building a beautiful country,” the article reads. 

Trading in black African slaves, the magazine notes, would not be done for racial reasons but religious ones. 

“All of this would be done, not for racism, nationalism, or political lies, but to make the word of Allah supreme. Jihad is the ultimate show of one’s love for his Creator, facing the clashing of swords and buzzing of bullets on the battlefield, seeking to slaughter His enemies – whom he hates for Allah’s hatred of them.” 

The article also notes that African slaves who “converted, practiced their religion well, and were freed would be treated no differently than any other free Muslim,” unlike what happened in the United States where slaves’ descendants “still live in a nation divided over those days,” the authors state. 

The Islamists blame emancipation and the end to black slavery on a corrupt Christianity that has gone soft and no longer lives according to the most brutal dictates of the Old Testament. 

“The clear difference between Muslims and the corrupt and deviant Jews and Christians is that Muslims are not ashamed of abiding by the rules sent down from their Lord regarding war and enforcement of divine law,” the authors claim.”

OK, Mr. Khan, you held up a U.S. Constitution that contains the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments — oh yeah, proposed and passed by a Republican Congress. Now, can you please do another TV interview and tell me if you stand with these savages — who, by the way, were the ones who killed your Son. And I mean, Islamic jihadists.

Clearly, Sir, you would not agree with these barbarians and their statement that slavery of blacks is OK?

And, message to ISIS chuckleheads, you say this is not about race, but rather religion — is that supposed to be some sort of consolation?

I’m just waiting to hear from the so-called Reverends Sharpton and Jackson on this latest statement by ISIS. Heck, does anyone believe President Obama will weigh in on this statement? After all, it seems he has plenty of time to critique Donald Trump’s capacity to be president.

And how about Black Lives Matter? They’re demanding reparations checks, economic justice through collective ownership — heard that one before — and it appears they want to empower community self law enforcement. Now, it’s obvious BLM is nothing more than a depraved radical, racist, socialist, leftist movement. But, if black lives matter, do they have any comment on ISIS supporting black slavery? So far, we haven’t heard it.

If you know a little bit about history, the Muslims were the most vicious slave traders of blacks. And the whole issue of Darfur was about Muslims slaughtering the black Christians, non-Muslims, in the country of Sudan. Funny, we just do not hear much about that fact, I suppose it’s not very good for the false narrative of the ….

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Now, Mr. Khan, please tell me where you stand on THIS… – Allen B. West –

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