Allen West: Obama admin makes silly amateurish move, or is this purposeful? #ISIS

by Allen West

Here’s another example of bizarro world. Since when do we advertise how and when we’ll conduct a major military operation? Uh, we do now — like telling the enemy when we will end combat operations and withdraw, or for how long we’ll authorize use of military force (three years). This morning we found out exactly when the US is planning to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul, and how.

If you know your American military history, remember the great lengths we went to in order to deceive the Germans on Operation Overlord (D-Day invasion). A dead body was used with fake battle plans that was set to wash ashore in France. Even in Operation Desert Storm we used the media to deceive the Iraqi Army into believing the main invasion was coming from the sea.

These days, well, we just tell everybody what we’re going to do — silly amateurish move, or purposeful? I believe it is the purposeful action of a politically-motivated administration that just wants everyone to believe it’s doing something. Even if that something is really dumb.



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