Allen West: Obama is a “Faux commander-in-chief” and Hagel is “Secretary of Appeasement, Compromise and Surrender”

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Former Congressman Allen West told Salon he expects the “kind of incursion” underway in the Ukraine in “every country where you see ethnic Russians,” and compared Vladimir Putin’s actions to a 1938 invasion by Adolph Hitler: “If you’re a student of history, you can understand this is exact same thing that someone said in the 1930s, when they went into the Sudetenland – and then, next you know, Czechoslovakia was overrun.”

West spoke with Salon after delivering a fiery address at an “Honoring America’s Military Heroes” reception organized by Citizens United. Calling Barack Obama a “faux commander-in-chief” and Chuck Hagel his “secretary of appeasement and compromise and surrender,” West linked U.S. military cuts to Russian actions in Ukraine, saying that after Hagel “talked about decimating our military capability, it was only three or four days later that Vladimir Putin went into the Crimea.” West underscored his implication with a series of historical examples, telling the packed conference room that “After World War I we decimated our military forces,” and “the Japanese saw an opportunity and they attacked us at Pearl Harbor.”


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