Allen West “Obama just delivered another staged political press conference performance”

by Allen West 

“President Obama just delivered another staged political press conference performance, now back to vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. Nothing new, as Obama reminded us of what he’s not going to do against ISIS. Perhaps if ISIS had uniforms that resembled the IDF Obama would be moved to action. However basing an American response on Iraqi governance will go down in history as one of the great strategic blunders. And as for Obama’s response to the shooting of Michael Brown, where was his concern for US Border Patrol Agents Terry and Vega, gunned down due to his policies? And Obama was asked if he would go to Ferguson — the question should have been why didn’t he go to the funeral of Army Major General Harold Greene, the highest ranking officer killed since Vietnam? The fact that neither he nor Biden went is quite telling – particularly to those of us who served.”

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