Allen West “Obama just made 19,723 BIG MISTAKES!”

Folks, we have a problem. The progressive socialist left embraces criminals, be they Americans or illegals. What’s their end game? Do they want to destabilize our Republic and create mass chaos and lawlessness? ~ Allen West


As Written By Allen B. West:

Liberal progressive leftists don’t embrace the rule of law, not for themselves, nor anyone else. There is a blatant leftist assault against our law enforcement officers all for the sake of pandering to the criminal element. Recently we had the Clintonian hack Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia issuing an executive order to grant voting rights to all felons — regardless of the crime committed.

You see, for the leftists there are no consequences to one’s actions – it’s all about feeling good and “social justice.” Imagine the rape victim in Virginia who now knows her assailant has that very special privilege, to vote. And for whom do you think many of these criminal felons will cast their vote? Someone tough on crime and punishment, or a McAuliffe crony type?

But it’s not just about excusing the actions of American felons. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “The Obama administration released nearly 20,000 illegal immigrants convicted of crimes from custody in 2015, according to new figures published by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau.

The 19,723 illegals freed from custody during the last year had a total of 64,197 convictions between them, according to the data. This included 8,324 violent convictions and 208 homicide convictions.

“While the total number of releases is lower than the past two years, since the number of arrests has declined quite dramatically, the rate of releases is approximately the same—meaning that this is no progress at all, and certainly will be no consolation for the victims of these criminal aliens,” Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, wrote in a recent policy brief on the situation.

A large portion of these illegal immigrants were convicted of driving under the influence, according to the data. At least 12,307 were convicted of alcohol involved DUIs, while 345 were brought up on drug DUI convictions. Another 7,986 were convicted on “dangerous drugs” charges, 1,963 were convicted of burglary, 1,420 for obstructing police, 1,728 for assault, 1,317 on weapons charges, and 614 for sex offenses.”

Maybe I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but this doesn’t make a doggone bit of sense. First of all, America is a sovereign nation with borders and anyone crossing those borders without permission of the sovereign nation, America, is here illegally. They’re not “undocumented workers” or any other asinine PC moniker developed by the progressive leftists, or anyone embracing the concept of open borders. This is a complete and utter violation of our rule of law, our sovereignty.

Secondly, to top it off, these individuals, here illegally, further their disregard and disrespect of our laws by committing crimes against our citizens. This should incense any American citizen, but apparently not the one sitting in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. How can anyone justify the release of criminal illegal immigrants? You can’t, so why is it happening, because it once again appears for Barack Obama, the safety and security of Americans take second place to his ideology. And for the new American Socialist Party, they apparently embrace the same. After all, how else can you explain “sanctuary cities” — of which Dallas, Texas where I reside is one.

How did we get to this point where we care so little about our country, its sovereignty, but most importantly our citizens? Why have we gotten to the point where it is official government policy to support criminal activity — and actually reward it?

Any of you still having trouble understanding why Donald Trump has been triumphant in making this a focal issue? And folks want to try and turn this into an issue of hate — heck, I’m quite sure I’m now a “hater” just because I want respect for the rule of law.

Consider the case of San Francisco citizen Kate Steinle who was gunned down last July by an illegal immigrant with multiple violations and deportations who was living in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. And sadly, we can’t get our own……


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