Allen West: Obama SILENT about new terror threat 

The left will say this is much ado about nothing — well, tell that to the folks in Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Orlando, and Ft. Hood.

As Written By Allen B. West:

We recently shared the report from the J2 intelligence officers from U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) regarding the infiltration of Sunni extremists (in other words, terrorists/jihadists) crossing our southern border, to the tune of 30 THOUSAND. The report should have sent chills down the spine of this nation, but nah, the progressive socialists just see it as more fear mongering. Pay no attention, nothing to see here, just move along folks and have a good day.

But, with all the concern on the southern border with trans-national criminal organizations supporting Islamic terrorists, maybe that’s not the only place we need to worry.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “The Canadian government is warning its citizens that it knows of at least 180 people who have traveled abroad to join terror groups and is tracking another 60 “extremist travelers who had returned to Canada,” according to a new government report that provides further evidence of the Islamic State’s migration to North America.

Terrorists returning to Canada after fighting abroad in hotspots such as Syria “raise serious security concerns,” says the report, which warns that “a violent act of terrorism could occur in Canada.”

Canadian authorities, like those in the United States, have continued to monitor a number of Western individuals who have traveled abroad to join terror groups. A number of these individuals have made their way back to North America, raising concerns that ISIS and its affiliates are planning attacks on the continent.

Canada’s finding is similar to warnings by some current and former U.S. officials, who have said that ISIS affiliates are already living in America and other Western countries. “

Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011, more than 36,500 extremist travelers from over 100 countries, including at least 6,600 individuals from Western countries, have travelled to Syria,” according to the Canadian government.

A handful have made their way back to North America, where they pose a significant terror threat. “Returning extremist travelers may also raise serious security concerns for their home countries,” according to the report, which notes that some of these terrorists have been tied to Iran, the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism.”

Well, it appears the Canucks also have their own version of a weak “leader” in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — such a lovely fella. Trudeau is all about embracing Syrian refugees and multiculturalism.

How would you like to live in a country where a report states there are “serious security concerns” and “a violent act of terrorism could occur”…well, at least they’re honest with their citizens in Canada. Here in America, Obama just obfuscates, denies and lies about Islamic terrorism/jihadism — after all, it’s just about gun violence.

Of course, the Obama administration is proud of achieving the number of 10,000 Syrian refugees entering the United States. Hmm, they said it would take close to 18 months for a proper vetting, but these folks are heading this way in under one year. So much for that precision vetting we were promised…or did our government suddenly become efficient?

It appears America is being caught up in an old-fashioned cross fire. We got ’em coming from the south and the north. And heck, we’re just towing in the Trojan Horse, per Germany.

I just have to ask a very simple question: what are the security protocols in place that prevent someone from traveling over to Johnny Jihadi land and returning to our shores?

This report states that these individuals are being “monitored.” What the heck does that mean? If we know who they are, why aren’t they detained? This reminds me of the insidious rule of engagement stating that our troops cannot fire until they’re fired upon. They just monitor the bad guys regardless of them being the bad guy. How can it be that any young military-aged male who has traveled or is traveling alone or in a group allowed free transit? You’d never see the Israeli airline security agents allow this to happen. So what gives here? Are we so burdened by political correctness that we don’t utilize trend analysis techniques for fear of “offending” people?

Remember, it was the FBI Director James Comey who admitted that the agency is investigating ISIS cases in every state of our union. That is not reassuring.

This is the legacy of Barack Obama and those of his ilk, such as Justin Trudeau. These smiley face progressive socialists are incapable of leading. We need less ….

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Obama SILENT about new terror threat – Allen B. West –

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