Allen West: Obama’s Director of National Intelligence warns this is BIGGER threat than ISIS

Forget ISIS? There is a bigger threat? What in the Sam Hill??? According to the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, there is a bigger threat. We can defeat ISIS but beware of global warming. That will provide all the unrest we need to keep the whole world in turmoil. Excuse me, but global warming is NOT a proven science yet. Besides, he is blaming violence on the weather? I always thought it was the full moon.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Recently, former US Secretary of State and Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, did an interview on Israeli TV news where she made the ludicrous and absurd assertion that the Islamic terrorists of ISIS were praying to Allah for a Donald J. Trump victory. Her insidious statement clearly indicates someone who is not just out of touch with current national security and foreign policy positions, but is abjectly incompetent. It’s as if Mrs. Clinton fails to realize it was during her tenure as SecState under Barack Obama that the foolish decision was made to withdraw all US combat troops from Iraq. It was Obama and Clinton who created a vacuum, which was filled by the most savage and barbaric terrorist organization — at least one British SAS sniper prevented a furtherance of their savagery recently. It has been the progressive socialists of the Obama administration that have developed a national security strategy based upon obfuscation, denial and flat-out lies.

And, once again, this gang that can’t shoot straight has demonstrated its inability to protect the American people. As reported by Defense One:

Here’s the latest missive on climate change from America’s national security leaders: You could suppress ISIS and solve Syria, but extremist groups and regional conflicts will keep popping up in an unstable future exacerbated by a warming Earth and extreme weather events. 

So said Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, giving an overview of global threats as he opened an annual intelligence community conference in D.C. on Wednesday. Increased competition for “ever-diminishing food and water resources” will amplify socio-economically motivated armed conflicts, countries’ difficulties controlling their borders, and instability more generally, he said. 

“I think climate change is going to be an underpinning for a lot of national security issues,” Clapper said. It affects “so many things: the availability of basics like water and food and other resources which are continually going to become matters of conflict, and already are, between and among countries.” 

The Pentagon has been getting increasingly serious about preparing for it, warning that warming global temperatures and extreme weather events would act as a “threat multiplier” and foster terrorism. Earlier this year, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work ordered the military to adapt current and future operations to address climate change

Clapper echoed this warning. Climate change-driven instability and other factors mean that “after ISIL is gone, you can expect some other terrorist entity to arise, and the cycle of extremism [to] continue for the foreseeable future.” 

The House of Representatives, however, would rather the military concentrate solely on what Rep. John Fleming, R-La., called “real, credible threats,” like the Islamic State, Russia and Iran. For the third year in a row, its version of the National Defense Authorization Act included an amendment, passed largely along party lines, that prohibited using funds to implement executive orders directing the military to plan for climate change. 

“These executive orders require the Department of Defense to squander—squander—precious defense dollars by incorporating climate change bureaucracies into its acquisition and military operations and to waste money on green energy projects,” Fleming said in a floor speech proposing the amendment.

Folks, do you realize the foolishness the Director of National Intelligence spewed out of his mouth? The person in charge of the coordination of all intelligence assets and agencies in the United States is telling us that what is making ISIS, Islamic jihadists, mad is the weather. They are too freaking hot! And according to John Kerry, there is nothing we can do about this, because he claimed air conditioning is a greater threat than Islamic terrorism — you know, A/Cs are causing global warming. So, we need to stop cooling ourselves, and just accept that higher temperatures just really piss off the jihadists and make them want to crucify, behead, drown, burn and make young Christian women sex slaves. It’s all just because they’re too hot and they don’t have enough natural resources!

We’ve heard other insidious claims from these chuckleheads. Marie Harf said it was the lack of jobs and opportunities — hmm, those Saudi jihadists are rather privileged. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has stated that the best means to fight terrorism is with compassion, love and unity — see, they are just misunderstood and had bad relationships with their parents, lack of emotional support. Hillary Clinton has been on record saying we need to empathize with our enemies — yes, feel their pain, their hurt, we just need to sit with them on a couch. And Barack Obama has said, let me make myself clear, ISIS is not Islamic — so, Mr. President, what in the Sam Hill does the “I” stand for?

Obama also issued a threat to Coast Guard Academy graduates that if they didn’t consider climate change a national security threat, they are derelict of their duties. Doggone, I thought if you abandoned Americans to die in a combat zone and lied about it, that was the definition of dereliction of duty. Or, how about having a special operations team ready to conduct a hostage rescue operation, but who could not get approval because the president was on vacation — nah, deny climate change as a professional military officer and that’s what makes you derelict in your duty. Thus says the national weatherman occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Where in God’s name do these people come from? They are more infectious than the Zika virus.

So, I must ask Director James Clapper, how do we gather intel on the weather? Do we use HUMINT, SIGINT, what means do we use to develop solid and actionable intelligence on how to change the weather? What form of maneuver should we use once we’ve identified the weather pattern? Do we ambush the weather? Shall we conduct a daring night raid against the weather? Perhaps we should conduct an airstrike against a cloud? Maybe we should assault all homes with air conditioners; they do pose a serious threat. Heck, I must ask, are our current weapon systems effective against the weather?

Surely y’all can recognize my sarcasm, but truthfully, is it sarcasm when faced with this absurdity? No, Mrs. Clinton, ISIS is not praying to Allah for a Trump victory — they want another four years of you all. They want more people that blame domestic Islamic terrorist attacks on gun control. They want more of you really stupid people who would try to convince us that, ever since 622 AD, it has been the weather that has made Islamic jihadists upset. Yes, that is what the Dey of Algiers said to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, you know, the Barbary Pirates: they were attacking our shipping and enslaving Americans because it was just too damn hot. Yes, Charles Martel was fighting an Islamic army in 728 AD at the Battle of Tours because it was cooler in France than in the desert, and there was more water. Yep, the Venetian fleet had to defeat an Islamic naval force in 1571 at the Battle of Lepanto because they did not have a cooling breeze in Muslim-controlled lands. And the brave knights of Germany and Poland faced down the invading Ottomans under Mehmet II at the gates of Vienna in 1683 because they wanted use water, they got too hot marching, killing, raping and plundering.

Sure, Director Clapper, we all know that 15 years ago the jihadists, under the leadership of the impoverished Osama bin Laden, attacked us on 9-11 because they were mad there was air conditioning in the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon.

Yep, one thing is for certain, Islamic jihadists are praying, praying and thanking Allah that we in America were so freaking stupid as to allow these idiots to have control of our Country. If you want to continue to have the jihadists thank Allah, then vote for Hillary Clinton. However, if you want them begging us for mercy, choose someone who will possibly appoint me as the US Secretary of Defense.

I promise you, the Pentagon, and our military, will not be talking …

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FORGET ISIS; Obama’s Director National Intelligence warns this is BIGGER threat… – Allen B. West –

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