Allen West “Obama’s transgender mandate MUST NOT be allowed to stand, Here’s what we must do”

If we could take on England 240 years ago, we can certainly send a message to the new Redcoats and shun their tyranny. ~ Allen West

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As Written By Allen B. West:

Last night I had the distinct honor and privilege of being invited, second year in a row, to the Chuck Norris Kickstart for Kids Gala in Houston. It was great to attend an event all about providing an outlet for our children to build their confidence and teach them discipline at the same time — martial arts.

And to be a part of such a noble endeavor under the name of someone who represents and embodies the qualities of strength and American exceptionalism, Chuck Norris. Also at the event was Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, whom I have come to know every well. Ya know, when you’re at an event in Texas, you just get that overwhelming sense of folks who capture the American spirit — as it says, “Don’t Mess with Texas.”

And this is a lesson President Obama and his social engineering progressive socialists are about to get a hard lesson on — ask General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

As reported by Fox News:

The Obama administration’s directive Friday that every public school provide transgender access — or face the loss of federal funds — drew swift and strong condemnation from conservatives, with one public official blasting it as presidential “blackmail.” 

The administration’s directive — citing Title IX in telling schools to give transgender students access to all activities and facilities consistent with their gender identity — effectively touched off a national debate that could well extend into the next president’s term and reverberate through the courts. 

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, speaking to reporters Friday, said his state “will not yield to blackmail from the president of the United States.” 

“This goes against the values of so many people,” he added. “This has everything to do with keeping the federal government out of local issues.” 

White House spokesman Josh Earnest later defended the letter as “guidance” that was requested by schools across the country and said it “does not add any additional requirements under the law.” 

He also pushed back on Patrick’s comments that the letter was “blackmail.”

First of all, how can you tell when White House spokesman Josh “Not So” Earnest is lying? Yep, whether awake or not, if his lips are moving and sounds are emanating from his mouth.

Let me see, how does one define “blackmail”? It’s a coercive action, threat, of a certain punitive action if one does not acquiesce or comply with a mandate, or demand. So, let’s look at this, President Obama has issued a mandate, an executive directive to all public schools in the United States. And non-compliance will result in the …..


Obama’s transgender mandate MUST NOT be allowed to stand… here’s what we must do – Allen B. West –

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