Allen West: Okay, it’s just gone TOO FAR now and it’s time

This is just beyond belief and at some point it has to end. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot!

As Written By Allen B. West:

OK, it’s just gone too far now and it’s time we end this assault of political correctness and secular humanism that’s infecting our military. There are growing instances of religious freedom being violated when it comes to our uniformed services, and the most recent has me seriously angered and perplexed.

As reported by the Washington PostThe top general at the U.S. Military Academy said that “valid concerns” about separation of church and state were raised by people who questioned why the Army football coach asked a staff assistant to lead his team in prayer after an upset victory last week. 

The issue emerged after Coach Jeff Monken was shown in a video produced by West Point celebrating with his players and directing a member of his staff to lead a prayer after an upset victory Sept. 2 over Temple University. The video was taken down at the direction of Athletic Director Boo Corrigan after West Point received complaints because it was offensive to some people and leaving it online would have been “like grinding salt into the wound,” said Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen, the superintendent at West Point. 

“Maybe 90 percent of the people who were out there supported the prayer,” Caslen said. “But, when you look at it from a legal basis and from a legal standpoint, and then you look at it from a leadership standpoint, there were some concerns, and I think they’re valid concerns.” 

Caslen, speaking Friday afternoon in a wide-ranging interview in his office with The Washington Post, was asked whether he saw Monken’s actions as a mistake or whether they were misinterpreted by critics. From a legal and leadership standpoint, Caslen said, it was incorrect for Monken to direct or strongly encourage a prayer while serving in a leadership position at a government-funded public institution. 

“It creates an atmosphere where it is expected from everybody to say a prayer regardless of their faith or no faith,” Caslen said. “It’s like me as the superintendent of the Corps of Cadets saying, ‘Let’s take a knee and say a prayer together.’ I don’t have the authority to do that. I cannot use my position of authority — my public position of authority — to direct my subordinates to do something that is inconsistent with their rights. So, that’s probably where we crossed the line.”

What the heck is LTG Caslen talking about? So when I was a Commander and directed our Battalion Chaplain to deliver a prayer for our unit before our deployment, or during a service in the field, is that somehow incorrect? I’m just sick of these spineless general officers who do everything they can to undermine religions liberty and freedom for our Military — such as Christians no longer being allowed Bibles on their desks!

Look, West Point has had a losing football team since 2010, and for the Black Knights of the Hudson to have defeated Temple is certainly reason to offer up a prayer of thanks. And who are these individuals making complaints? And why can’t an Army Lieutenant General just say, I stand by the coach and there was no harm done in our football team having a post-game prayer.


Here we are in an America where some overpaid professional football player can show disrespect to our Flag and National Anthem and he gets on the cover ofTime magazine. Our future military leaders and some of the best America has to offer, West Point football players, are attacked for having an after the game prayer. What Country are we living in folks?

And what is this crap about “inconsistent with their rights”? I’m quite sure Coach Monken did not order the football team to pray, he just “asked” a staff member to lead the team in a prayer — what is the harm? There was no mandate, no directive with negative consequence or forcible manner…they just prayed. And LTG Caslen, they pray in our House of Representatives. They pray in our US Senate. Should we not have Chaplains who receive direction from Commanders to offer up prayers now?

And Sir, forgive me, but if you were to gather together the entire Corps of Cadets and say, “Let’s take a knee and say a prayer together,” that is leadership, and your showing the spiritual aspect of leadership. Perhaps in today’s Army, a famed graduate of West Point, General George Patton would be court-martialed for “directing” his Chaplain to write a prayer for good weather so that he could conduct the relief operation in Bastogne. That prayer is proudly displayed at the US Army Chaplain’s School…perhaps LTG Caslen would consider that, from a legal standpoint, to give him valid concerns.

Where are the Generals, the leaders, who will stand up and tell the small minority of complainers to pound sand? A simple response could have been, we have been struggling here with winning on the gridiron at West Point, and I see nothing wrong with thanking God Almighty for a great victory. After all, that is what we encourage be done on the battlefield, lift our Soldiers up in prayer. Should we not pray anymore at memorial services for fallen Soldiers?

This is just beyond belief and at some point it has to end. But just remember, this is the Army that will provide sex-change operations for individuals suffering from a mental condition called gender dysphoria. It is also an Army that now has “valid concerns” about praying after a football win.

Lieutenant General Robert L. Caslen, Superintendent of West Point, you Sir, have won the acclaim of the FUBAR award. And I’m praying that God will restore your spine as you should not be in the position of implementing the fundamental transformation of our future Army leaders. And oh by …

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OK, it’s just gone TOO FAR now and it’s time… – Allen B. West –

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