Allen West: OMINOUS! The World prepares for Hillary’s victory

One of the topics from this week’s special “Jeopardy” — presidential debate edition, was foreign “hot spots.” I found that an interesting topic area and a savvy Donald Trump should have immediately chimed in with, “If it weren’t for Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, there would be no global hot spots.” Oh well, a missed opportunity, but there’ve been several revelations recently that attest to just how hot these hot spots have become…thanks to the failing foreign policy of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As Written By Allen B. West:

And just to update y’all, one of Russia’s largest surface combatant ships traversed through the English Channel. Its destination: Syria. And something tells me these Russian sailors aren’t going there for a vacation port call.

So, speaking of Syria and Iraq, here’s an interesting report from the New York Times about the confused state of affairs, “Just days into the operation to retake the Islamic State-held city of Mosul, a fault-line has widened between Iraq and Turkey, and the distrust among the various forces arrayed against the extremists has again bubbled to the surface.

The rhetoric is growing increasingly heated on both sides. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have traded schoolyard insults, and earlier this week thousands of followers of a firebrand Shiite cleric rallied outside the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad, calling for an end to the Turkish “occupation.”

They were referring to the presence of some 500 Turkish troops at a base north of Mosul who have been training Sunni and Kurdish fighters since last December. Baghdad says the troops are there without permission and has called on them to withdraw. Ankara has refused, and insists it will play a role in liberating the city.

Turkey has close ties to the Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani, which perhaps explains how the troops came to be there in the first place. Kurdish Foreign Minister Falah Mustafa declined to comment Wednesday when asked if the Kurds had invited the troops, saying only that they favor a solution that is “satisfactory” to both countries.

The Turkish troops are training Kurdish forces loyal to Barzani as well as Sunni fighters loyal to Atheel al-Nujaifi, the former governor of Ninevah province, of which Mosul is the capital. Both men have pursued greater autonomy from the Shiite-dominated government, incurring the wrath of state-sanctioned Shiite militias backed by Iran.

An Iraqi court issued an arrest warrant against al-Nujaifi this week, accusing him of facilitating the entry of unauthorized Turkish forces. “It’s not just an issue of sovereignty,” said Baghdad-based analyst Hadi Jalu Maraei. “This intervention has a negative effect on the whole region because there are so many ethnic groups and sects.”

Turkey has also deepened its involvement in the war in neighboring Syria, where Turkish forces and allied Syrian opposition fighters are battling both IS extremists and U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish forces. Turkish warplanes struck Kurdish forces in northern Syria late Wednesday, killing up to 200 fighters, according to state-run media.

Turkey views the Syrian Kurdish forces as an extension of the Kurdish insurgency in its southeast. A commander of the main Kurdish militia in Syria said initial reports indicated that no more than 10 fighters were killed, but added that the Turkish attacks were still continuing Thursday.”

Just earlier this week we shared a perspective regarding the critical question of what happens after the fall of Mosul. Now, in less than a week, we already see the effort grinding to a self-imposed halt. And that’s because Barack Obama hasn’t provided any leadership whatsoever and is nothing more than a disinterested bystander.

Heck, if this were a football game, Obama wouldn’t even be on the sidelines. He’d be in the parking lot sitting in an AMC Gremlin listening to Air Supply on an eight-track tape.

The absence of American leadership in the Middle East over the past seven-and-a-half years is utterly disturbing and the result has been a conundrum resulting from a policy of disengagement.

Basically, Obama and Hillary Clinton have destroyed the post World War I Sykes-Picot Treaty, and Russia, Iran, and Turkey are advancing their interests in the region while the little boy king travels about the country trying to convince us his signature domestic policy, Obamacare, doesn’t suck — good luck with that one Mr. President!

And sadly, less than one week into the offensive operation to “retake” Mosul, an American serviceman has died of his wounds from an IED. Let me state something very serious, the loss of this fine young man lies at the feet of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who stole defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq. As I remember flying into Mosul back in 2003, we had it under control, pacified.

And during the debate, it was Hillary Clinton who looked completely stupid when she talked about implementing a “no fly zone” over Syria — good luck with that ma’am since the Russians have the advanced S-300 surface to air missile system now deployed in Syria…not to mention a very confused airspace with at least three different countries worth of fighter aircraft.

And Mrs. Clinton also stated that, just as Obama, she would not reintroduce US forces into the region — that foolish decision by Obama created a vacuum that has brought us to this point where people are dying due to a lack of strategic vision, will and resolve.

Now, Obama and Hillary told us that after they destabilized the Middle East…Iraq, Syria, and Libya, they would “focus” on the Pacific Rim. So let’s check in with the gang there and see just how things are going.

Reuters give us a little insight, “Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Thursday he was announcing his “separation” from the United States. Duterte made the comment at a business forum in the presence of Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People during a four-day state visit to China.”

We’d previously shared that China is also looking to gain a foothold in Syria — oh boy, why not? It is China who has expanded its regional hegemony, just as Iran has, and Obama is still sitting in the Gremlin, chowing down a chili dog outside the Tastee Freeze.

Meanwhile, China has built islands and fortified them with military weaponry, they’ve launched cyber attacks against the U.S., they have a 6.7 percent GDP while ours is 1.2 percent, and they’ve encroached on the Scarborough Shoals threatening the Philippines. So, President Duterte sees the writing on the wall — America just may be dumb enough to elect Hillary Clinton — so he’s decided to ally with the strong man — Xi Jinping and China. President Duterte realizes that Hillary Clinton is a passenger with Obama in that Gremlin. Consider what this means for U.S. relations with a country that’s been a long standing ally…one where Islamic jihadist group Abu Sayyaf has a base of operations.

Some would say so what, but consider the world of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Hussein Obama…Russian warships are transiting the English Channel, the Philippines have announced their separation from the …

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OMINOUS: World prepares for a Hillary victory… – Allen B. West –

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