Allen West on WikiLeaks, the Election and Trust in Government with Alex Nitzberg

Retired Army Colonel and former Congressman for the State of Florida, Allen West, is interviewed on a#MediaMadness podcast. Mr West is a staunch conservative and has great insight into the functions and behaviors of our present liberal leadership. Listen as he discusses the serious issues facing our nation during these times. 

As Written By Alex Nitzberg for Accuracy in Media:

In a wide-ranging interview on the #MediaMadness podcast, Lt. Colonel Allen West (Ret.) discussed topics including the danger of America’s insecure borders; a strategy to defeat ISIS and the terror threat abroad; social engineering in the U.S. military; media bias; academic bias and the recent protest of his speech at St. Louis University, and the potential impact of a Hillary Clinton presidency. West is also a member of AIM’s Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi.


Allen West on WikiLeaks, the Election and Trust in Government

While discussing the media coverage during the 2016 election cycle West stated:

“This is more of a Pravda media than a free media. And this is very disconcerting because without a doubt—and I think the WikiLeaks emails have shown—there’s a collusion between the media and also the Democrat Party and the progressive socialist ideology.”

Commenting on the social engineering being implemented in the American military, West asserted that “Taxpayer dollars should not be going toward sex change operations for people that have a mental condition called gender dysphoria. Taxpayer dollars should be going to make sure our men and women are equipped to go onto the battlefield and protect our way of life.”

When asked how America would change under a Hillary Clinton presidency, West enumerated a variety of detrimental consequences and said:

“But most importantly Alex, I think what you will see is the …

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Allen West on WikiLeaks, the Election and Trust in Government

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