Allen West “Our Military Should be Protecting the U.S.”

Our Military Should be Protecting the US!

Photo/U.S. Army Public Health via Wikimedia Commons
Photo/U.S. Army Public Health via Wikimedia Commons

It seems pretty basic that our military should be protecting the United States, but unfortunately we are slipping back to policies that failed during the Cold War and are destined to do so again.  With limited resources for national defense, the NCPA doesn’t believe that using the military for purposes of nation building is a wise course of action.  The military isn’t trained to address economic and social infrastructure concerns.  They are a highly trained fighting force whose purpose is to provide for the common defense.  It’s one more reason that the NCPA is providing policy solutions for the National Defense Authorization Act through our Provide for the Common Defense Now! Petition.

You can share the petition with others by clicking here and read more about some of the recommendations for change with regard to nation building here.

As always, thanks for your support of the NCPA!

Steadfast and Loyal, 

Allen B. West


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