Allen West: Our worst fears confirmed

Remember, if you speak up about this issue, you’re in the basket of deplorables as an “Islamophobe.” In actuality, these three are members of a far more dangerous basket, the Islamapologists who wish to advocate for a politically correct solution based on compassion, unity and love for an enemy who will never relent.

As Written By Allen B. West:

The Obama administration was celebrating reaching the “magic” number of 10,000 Syrian refugees allowed into the U.S. You know, that eighteen-month vetting process somehow got done really fast. And Hillary Clinton’s goal for Syrian refugees will be in the hundreds of thousands. Now, I’m a compassionate fella, but I’m not about to surrender our national sovereignty and security over “feel good” folly endeavors. And if you haven’t paid attention, the German people are suffering because Angela Merkel wanted a feel-good moment — as opposed to the security of her people.

As reported by Fox News, “Three Syrian men believed to have been sent to Germany last year by the Islamic State group as a possible “sleeper cell” were arrested in raids on Tuesday, part of efforts to root out extremists sent to Europe amid the migrant influx, authorities said.

The three are accused of coming to Germany in mid-November at the behest of IS “in order either to carry out an assignment they had already received or to keep themselves ready for further instructions,” federal prosecutors said. The three are suspected of membership in a foreign terrorist organization.

Their arrests followed raids at refugee homes in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’s northernmost state. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said the men had been under observation for months, and that “there are no indications of concrete attack plans” at present.

“This may have been a sleeper cell,” he told reporters. De Maiziere said the suspects appear to have made it to Europe through the same channels as two men who blew themselves up outside France’s national stadium in November in the Paris attacks claimed by IS.

“Everything points to the same smuggling organization as with the Paris attackers having brought these three who were arrested to Germany,” he said. “And everything points to the travel documents having come from the same workshop.”

Prosecutors identified the suspects only as Mahir Al-H., 17, Mohamed A., 26, and Ibrahim M., 18, in keeping with German privacy rules. The three traveled to Germany via Turkey and Greece, the route used by most migrants to Europe last year. Mahir Al-H. joined IS in Raqqa, Syria, earlier last year and received weapons and explosives training, prosecutors said, before he and the other two suspects in October told an IS official responsible for “operations and attacks outside the IS area” that they would travel to Europe.

The three were provided with passports by IS and were given a “high four-figure sum” of cash in U.S. dollars as well as cellphones with a pre-installed communication program, prosecutors said in a statement.”

Yesterday in Philadelphia, Barack Obama was out doing the two things he does best: campaigning and lying. And he reminded us that we needed to “thank Obama” for all he’s done to America over the past seven-and-a-half years. I truly love how he can find the Kool-aid drinking sycophants who are completely clueless about his policies — thanks to an Orwellian media. And needless to say, Obama didn’t mention anything about what just happened in Germany and how it sheds a negative light on what he wishes to do in America.

Look, I have no issue with providing help to the elderly and children. I would have preferred Obama established a safe zone over in Syria and provided protection to the Syrian people in their own country — of course that’s not possible now.

But we must be vigilant and deny entry to our Western nations to any single, military-aged, Muslim males, for whom we have no way of vetting. And we have an enemy in ISIS who has stated they would infiltrate the Syrian refugees. We know ISIS has control of passport machines and is able to launder cash just as adeptly as the Obama administration. We are looking at what could happen in America.

Consider the case of Tashfeen Malik, who used a fiancée visa in order to enter the United States. We even know of the immigration failure to check her address, which was false. The end result? Fourteen Americans dead and 21 scarred for life because of Malik and Syed Farouk’s actions in San Bernardino. However, when confronted with this terrorist attack — this reality — Barack Obama classified it as an issue of gun control.

It’s one thing to obfuscate, deny and lie about the nature of this enemy. It’s a completely different thing when you know the intentions of the enemy. But what do you call it when you have a president who enables the enemy to achieve their stated objectives?

“The Federal Criminal Police Office said that six locations in two German states were searched Tuesday. It said that, as well as the arrests, “extensive material” was seized as evidence. The office noted that the attacks in Paris and Brussels over the past year showed that IS has used the migrant flow to send people to Europe. It said that it knows of more than 400 tips about people among the migrants who might have a terrorist background, but most turned out to be wrong. However, more than 60 investigations were opened. In July, two attacks were carried out in Germany by asylum seekers who arrived over the past two years and claimed by IS. Five people were wounded in an ax rampage on a train near Wuerzburg and 15 in a bombing outside a bar in Ansbach. Both of the attackers were killed.”

Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are allowing the foxes into the hen house – and then yell at the chickens for being killed. And remember, if you speak up about this issue, you’re in the basket of deplorables as an “Islamophobe.” In actuality, these three are members of a far more …..

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