Allen West: President Trump vs The Left [Video]

During an interview on CNN with, Allen West laid it all out about exactly what is wrong with the left and their attacks on President Trump. He made some really great points, as he often does, and I want to highly a few of them for you here.

He stated, “What I find very interesting is that everything now has to come back to white supremacists, everything now has to be about racism. You know I was listening to some of the clips that you were playing, you know a low point for me during the Obama administration when we knew that we had a president, we had a Secretary of State, we had a national security adviser that had abandoned Americans to die during an Islamic terrorist attack and then they lied about it and nothing was ever done. No one ever remembers those four Americans who lost their lives and the family members who were shunned”

On Wolf Blitzer stating that the terrorist attack in Spain “may be a copycat” of what happened in Charlottesville “When I think about someone like a Wolf Blitzer obviously he’s quite delusional”

“The terrorists have been using this vehicular attack, this terror style attack, going back to Bastille Day in east France, going back to what happened at the German Christmas market, going back just recently what we have seen happen in England so again everything has to be about what their message de jour is right now. ‘Everyone is a white supremacist everyone is a neo-Nazi or Klan member’ as long as they don’t agree with their agenda.”

“What I do find interesting is that you have someone like Maxine Waters and others in the Democrat Party who so fight for Planned Parenthood the yet Margaret Sanger was an incredibly well-known white supremacist”

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