Allen West Republic: #HonorChrisKyle #ChrisKyleDay #AmericanSniper

by Allen West  #ChrisKyleDay

“We are awakening this morning not just to recover from Super Bowl parties but rather to the news that ISIS beheaded another westerner — the second Japanese hostage held. For those of you who did not realize it, ISIS is the reconstituted al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI). Today is a special day here in Texas because it has been declared by Governor Greg Abbott as “Chris Kyle Day” — the US Navy SEAL hero and focal character in the book and movie “American Sniper.” It was on this day two years ago that Kyle was tragically murdered while trying to help a veteran suffering from PTSD. And just so you know, there is a petition to the White House to have Kyle posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor — it needs 100,000 signatures and currently has only about 3,000. Kyle fought against the same evil manifested that the Obama administration finds severe difficultly in recognizing. God bless you Chris as you sit in the ultimate overwatch position for our country.” SIGN THE PETITION HERE

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